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NEFA 21959



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An amateur film made by the Neesham family of Redcar of a visit to London during the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II on the 2nd June 1953. The first part of the film shows various views across the city of some of the decorated buildings along The Mall, outside Westminster Abbey and along Oxford Street. The second part of the film shot from the crowds waiting for the Royal procession to pass captures some of the various military bands, platoons of soldiers and other personnel marching past. The final part of the film captures the Gold State Coach passing, and the young Queen inside waving at the crowds.

The film opens on a painting of Queen Elizabeth II over the titles.

Title: H.M. Coronation

Title: 2nd June 1953

A series of general views along The Mall including Admiralty Arch showing large crowds walking past various coronation decorations. A large seating area has been constructed in the near distance. Traffic also moves slowly along the road.

The film cuts to Victoria Street and Broad Sanctuary outside Westminster Abbey with red London buses driving past decorative buildings, the tower of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament can be seen in the distance. Views follows of crowds walking past the ‘Queen’s Beasts’, a series of heraldic figures built across the front of the new abbey annexe.

Three women walk slowly across a large paved area towards a set of steps. In the background, a large decorated ‘E.R’.  Outside Selfridge’s department store on Oxford Street views show a statue of Queen Elizabeth on horseback.   

The film cuts to a large crowd that lines a street, two policemen on horseback ride past. A military marching band makes its way past and is followed by soldiers with their rifles slung across their shoulders. Soldiers in kilts begin to march past, but the film cuts quickly to show them standing to attention on the far side of the road.

Five police officers riding white horses trot slowly past, behind them soldiers in decorative uniforms. Another marching band parades past followed by platoons of soldiers, some from Africa others from India wearing turbans.

A number of soldiers ride past on horseback, each of them carrying lances. Behind them come sailors of the Royal Navy in dress uniforms and rifles slung across their shoulders. Members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in their distinct red tunics ride back on horseback followed by group of women.

A platoon of Yeomen Warders in their Tudor style dress walks in front of the Gold State Coach that rides past slowly, the new Queen inside waves at the crowds who wave back enthusiastically. The film ends on the coach continuing along the road and a number men on horseback riding behind.

An image of the Queen during the coronation appears over the closing title:

End title: The end.