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YFA 167



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This is a film from the Michael Hobson collection and features a scouts group from Leeds on a camping trip to Hilla Green in North Yorkshire, including swimming in the River Derwent.

Title - August 1935

The film begins with a group of boys swimming and messing about in a river in their bathing costumes.  One boy sits on a long log and paddles with a branch.  The same boys are then marching across the field where they have set up camp.  Still in their swimwear, and wearing black caps, they line up and perform various exercises, such as touching their toes, though not very seriously.  They then jog back to the river where they wash themselves. 

Back at the campsite, two of the scout leaders, also in swimwear, demonstrate some physical exercises.  Now in their uniform, the scouts line up around the flag pole, where a flag is unfurled.  Back in the river an older lad swims with a bucket, while a young girl is splashing about in the water while holding the hands of a young woman and a man.  At the camp the scouts have a race and put up some tents as the film comes to an end.