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YFA 3372



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A film by Eric Bolderson of classroom activity and a Christmas tea party at Hightown School in Castleford.

Title - Highlights of Christmas

The film begins inside a classroom of children of mixed ages and gender. They gather around a teacher, Miss Goldthorpe, who is inspecting their sewing work and giving a demonstration. A boy pulls a face. Some are playing a game with money, and one girl stands behind a stall selling various toys marked with a price, for example balls for 2d. The janitor, Thomas Heptonsall, sweeps the empty classroom.
The film switches to some women buttering scones and preparing a Christmas tea party with sandwiches and cakes. The children, all wearing home-made Christmas paper hats, sit at tables laden with food and eat their jelly and ice cream, often getting it over their faces and messing about licking their spoons.  One of the teachers, Mrs Hirst, is putting on a Christmas hat, along with the dinner lady, Mrs Gray, wearing a blue dotted dress. A teacher, Mrs Fox, goes around with a large tea pot pouring tea. A Father Christmas sits in front of a Christmas tree calling out the names of the children in turn as they sit on the floor waiting.  The head teacher, Mr Taylor, with a white hanky in his pocket, talks to Santa.   Mrs Connie Halton is holding her son in her arms, Michael, with her other son, Ian, down by her side. Each receives a present, as does one of the teachers.

The End

(With thanks to Ian Halton)