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YFA 2318



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This amateur film, taken by a teacher from High Green Secondary School near Sheffield, chronicles a school visit and sports day.

Title – High green county secondary schools visit to London June 15th 1951.

Title – Chapletown station at 6.45 am on Friday…Where’s that train?

There are nice shots of the station filled with children boarding the train before it leaves.

Title – All aboard for London Town.

From the train windows the passengers wave to the people standing on the platform.

Title – Scene on the train.

There are students reading and looking out of window.

Title – We arrive at St. Pancras.

Title – eager to see the sights – First a checkup.

Students get off the train and line up to be counted.  There is footage of the group walking through St. Pancras station and down some London streets.

Title – A group prepares to full a bus.

Students board a double bus (route master)

Title – Making for Tower Pier to see old Father Thames.

Large group of students walk towards the Thames waterfront.

Title – Along the Jetty...with Tower Bridge in the river.

There are good scenes along the pier with Tower Bridge in the background, once on the boat the children can be seen pointing to Tower Bridge.

There are some good views of South Bank complex before more shots of the river journey and St Paul’s Cathedral from the boat.

Title – High green secondary school.

Title – Sports 1951.

Title – relays.

Title – 220yds open.

Various shots of sprint races. The filmmaker captures the referee’s recording the winning times. More race events including some skipping races.

Title – Dressing race.

A dressing race is underway and involves putting on multiple layers of clothing, hats and an opening an umbrella before crossing the finishing line.

Title – Shot…

Student’s attempt the shot put discipline.

Title – Potato race…

Students participate in a sprint race that involves carrying potatoes.

Title – Discus.

The filmmaker captures students throwing discuses.

Title – Water balancing.

Students walk along a course balancing a glass of water on their heads.

Title – Slow cycle race.

Title – standing broad jump.

Shots of a slow cycle race are followed by standing and triple jumps. Then there are more sprint events and a no hands eating contest. The final shots of this film show the points being tallied.

Title – The end.

The next sequence captures many events such as track and field events as well as fun obstacle races at the sports day. The race action is shown mainly in long shot whilst the winners jubilation is in close ups.