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YFA 2308



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This film documents the High Green Secondary School's trip to London and the annual school sports day captured. The school is located near Sheffield, and the film has been made by the teachers at the school.

Title - London

Title - Our Schools excursion 1960

The train station, Chapeltown South is shown in long shot before the children board the train. There are many interior close ups of the children in the carriages, and London is shown in many different views mainly concentrating around the River Thames.

The children board a boat, and footage taken from the boat include views of Big Ben, St Paul's Cathedral, County Hall, the South Bank Centre and Tower Bridge. The trip ends with dark interior views as the train returns to Yorkshire.

Title - The end

The sequence that follows is a nice day at the School Sports event held at the school.

Title - High Green

Title - County secondary school

Title - Sports

Title - High jumps

On a sports field, students have gathered to watch boys and girls compete in a high jump competition.

Title - Relays

Students compete in various relay races, and the filmmaker captures close ups of the winning teams.

Title - Javelin

In this sequence several students throw javelins and views show where the javelins have landed.

Title - Hurdles

The filmmaker captures several views of a hurdle event.

The opening shot of this sequence shows a close up of a high jump bar. There are then shots of two boys shaking hands, before the filmmaker cuts to the sports day officials, who, predominantly women, sit at desks outside a brick building. Various events are then captured, and this includes javelin, relay races, long jump. The crowd then disperses and leave the field carrying chairs.