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YFA 2314



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Made by a local school teacher, this film captures an annual sports day at High Green Secondary School, located near Sheffield, as well as a trip to the south of England for many of the students.

Title – High green county secondary school.

Title – Sports 1952

Title – Flat races.

The opening shots of this film show various sprint events, and the filmmaker captures a close up of the winner after each race.

Title – Skipping race.

This sequence shows several skipping races.

Title – Putting the shot.

Various young students attempt the discipline of the shot put in front of a large crowd of other students.

Title – Slow bicycle race.

On the school playground students compete to see who ride the slowest on a bicycle.

Title – Discus throwing.

A young male student throws a discus.

Tile – Relay races.

The filmmaker captures several relay races from a multitude of angles.

Title – Standing broad jump.

Four young, female students line up and one girl attempts to jump as far as she can from a static position.

Title – Throwing the javelin.

Competitors throw javelins, and student adjudicators work out the distance of each throw.

Title – Potato race.

This race involves sprinting to retrieve several potatoes, placing one after another in a pot at the starting line.

Title – Tug of war.

Two teams of male students battle for ground during a tug of war contest.

Title – Obstacle race.

Several girls lie on the grass, before the filmmaker cuts to an obstacle course involving different disciplines such as egg and spoon, a sack race and an obstacle in the form a school bench through which participants must crawl.

Title – Hop, skip and jump.

Various shots show students performing a triple jump.

Title – Wheel barrow race.

The filmmaker shows views of young female students competing in a wheelbarrow race.

Title – Dressing race.

This race incorporates a dressing element where competitors must don skirts, jumpers, stockings, and boots before being eligible to cross the finishing line.

The filmmaker cuts to show the scoreboard, where the top number reads, 78 and a half. Inside the school, tea is being prepared by three ladies who hand out the mugs to people attending the sports day.

Title – The end.

The second passage is the London visit and has panning shots of Windsor from a boat on the River Thames. Long shots show Windsor Castle and the camera captures the changing of the guard at the castle gates. There are also good views of the Royal Standard on the Royal Tower and exterior shots of Eton College. The inter-titles give a detailed account of the contents and context of the film.

Title – High green secondary school.

Title – Visit to Windsor 20th June, 1952.

Title – Chapletown station 6.0 am.

Title – Here’s the train.

Title – Last on

Title – Goodbye Chapletown.

Title – From a carriage window.

Title – All change at.

Title – Waiting…

Title – Boarding the launch.

Title – A glimpse up-river.

Title – More aboard.

Title – If? I? Fell? In?

Title – On the boat.

Title – Cruising down the river.

Title – Below deck.

Title – On deck.

Title – The largest brick-built bridge in the world.

Title – Entering bray lock.

Title – Out again!

Title – Royal Windsor

Title – On guard at the castle gates.

Title – King Henry VIII gates.

Title – The castle yard.

Title – Changing of the guard.

Title – Royal standard on the round tower.

Title – Horseshoe cloisters.

Title – Windsor streets.

Title – Eton college.

Title – Farewell Windsor.

Title – Scenes on the train.

Title – The end!