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YFA 2312



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This film chronicles the sports day at High Green Secondary School, located near Sheffield, and shows the various races and events that take place throughout the day.

Title - high green county secondary school

The opening shot are on black and white stock and show the start of a long distance race; students in vests and shorts set off from the starting line and run through a park. The filmmaker cuts to show the finishing line where each runner is given a slip of paper. The next sequence is on colour stock, and shows students participating in long jump, javelin, discus, shot put and tug of war events. There is then a sequence which captures various athletic races, and the filmmaker shows various close ups of the participants.

The following sequence captures more unusual events such as a dress as you run race, an obstacle course race, and a human wheelbarrow race. After these events there are shots of the crowd, before they leave the field carrying chairs. The final sequence is in black and white and the filmmaker captures another long distance athletic event.

Title - The end