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YFA 2311



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Set at High Green Secondary School, located near Sheffield, this film documents a typical school day, showing the sort of classes that took place during the 1953 school year.

The opening shot in this film shows a workshop where various male students' sand, file, cut and measure pieces of wood that are used to make boxes and shelves.

Title - Netball shots March 16th 1953

On a school playground, a large crowd of students have gathered to watch a mixed netball match. The filmmaker then cuts to a dance taking place in the school hall. Girls and boys in smart formal-wear dance the waltz.

Title - Unfurling the flag.

The following shot is very washed out; however students can just be made out hoisting a flag to the top of a flag pole. A tug of war competition is then underway, and both teams fight hard. After several different matches he crowd disbands and a large mass of students run past the camera. The final sequence shows girls in a domestic lesson performing various household duties; they wash clothes, iron and ice cakes.