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NEFA 22265



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This amateur film by Alan Quinn records days out to Teesdale, County Durham and Northumberland as well as parties at home and children playing in the garden. The compilation also includes Pope John Paul II's visit to York.

The film opens with shots of a man and young boy standing on some grassland with a backdrop of hedges and trees. The man leans on what appears to be a large staff as the young boy next to him drinks from a glass. The boy puts the glass down on a stool next to him.

A woman, young girl and their dog walk along a path, while the man seen earlier, rakes up grass cuttings. The little girl looks at the camera as she walks by.

General views of the waterfall at Summerhill Force, at Bowlees Picnic Area near Newbiggin in Teesdale and the rocky river Tees. A notice reads; ‘Footpath to Gibson’s Cave’. Gibsons Cave is almost hidden behind Summerhill Force. More views of Summerhill Force follow. A closer view shows water cascading down the falls. An older and younger man stand near the falls with a camera tripod. 

General views show wind rustling trees with moorland in the far distance, a river and the river valley. People walk over a footbridge in the middle distance. A public information board shows a map of the area in the upper Teesdale. various general views of High Force are intercut with closer shots of the waterfall plunging into the pool below (out of focus). Portrait shots of the faces of visitors beside the falls follow.

Two young girls drinking soft drinks and a mother enjoy leisure time in a family garden, the two girls’ attention drawn to a garden pond. They smile up at the camera. Their father carries over vegetables dug from the garden. 

The Quinns and their friends enjoy a Chinese meal at home. Some of the male guests are wearing hats or costume impersonating a stereotypical Oriental style. Silver foil packages litter the table as well as bottles of wine. A man appears in the film briefly minus his trousers, but still wearing a shirt and tie.  A party game involving string is underway, which is very demanding of the participants, as the string is threaded through items of clothing.

People are making their way along a gangplank onto the Waverley paddle steamer at the Newcastle Quayside for a boat trip down the River Tyne.  The decks are crowded with river trippers. A man brings to a woman’s attention that she is being filmed, she turns and smiles at the camera. Close-ups follow of a steam whistle attached to one of the ship’s funnels. Portrait shot of a man with a full beard on board. The voyage along the Tyne gets underway. Travelling shots from the boat record the Royal Navy frigate HMS Plymouth (F126) at Gateshead, shipyard cranes on the north bank, two more naval ships downstream, Reyrolle & Co offices at Hebburn, the Mid-Tyne Ferry landing, Hawthorne Leslie & Co shipbuilding and engineering works, also Hebburn. Passengers lean on the ship’s railings, drinks in hand, to take in the view. 

In the next sequence, friends celebrate New Year's Eve in a pub with drinks.

The family group including two young children, boy and girl, walk down Mill Lane, Winlaton Mill, and head to Derwent Walk Country Park (advertised on board) for a walk, the mother posing beside the notice in her sunglasses. The group pause for a break by the ruins of Hollinside Manor, Whickham, Gateshead, and enjoy the views of the Derwent valley including Goodshields Haugh spoil heap. The camera also picks out a moth or butterfly in the long grass. Someone uses the point of an umbrella to goad the insect into activity.

General views of the Lord Crewe Arms Hotel in Blanchland, the distinctive stone built buildings in the village, including a church. A road sign points the way to Edmondbyers, Shotley Bridge, Hexham and Corbridge. A brass plate on one door reads; ‘Surgery’. A group of friends and family go for a walk in the countryside near Blanchland. After the walk, they return to the cars and head off.

At York Racecourse on the 28 May 1982, the family attend the visit of Pope John Paul II at York. General views follow of the gathering crowds at the racecourse, Terry's Chocolate factory sometimes glimpsed in the background of this record of the visit.  Some people wear yellow and gold rosettes with a papal insignia. Everyone waits in anticipation of seeing the pope, many with binoculars to catch a glimpse. Eventually flags fly and the crowds start waving as the papal motorcade drives past. The pope waves back from his specially constructed vehicle. The pope addresses the crowds from a platform. The crowd applauds. A mass of hand waving and flag waving follows as the pope leaves the event by helicopter. Another helicopter takes off, and both helicopters circle the racecourse as the crowds wave their programmes and flags.

The family takes a trip to Kielder Reservoir and Kielder Castle in Northumberland. A group of walkers sit on a steep grassy track. General view across the valley an of Kielder reservoir. A man in a light jacket and wearing a cap slings his camera over his shoulder. Another view of the reservoir follows, with some buildings just off the shoreline. An RAF jet flies overhead. The man with the camera seen earlier and his wife leave Kielder Castle behind them and walk towards the camera. The film shows tables in a wooded picnic area, and a pile of cut tree trunks. A view follows of a Forestry Commission sign which reads: ‘Kielder Castle – Forest Centre’. Next to it, a gateway to the castle. Next a view of single storey cottages, followed by another view of the reservoir. A bird takes off suddenly from the undergrowth. More views of the reservoir follow. A woman sits in the back seat of a car and waves to the camera. Next a general view of moorland countryside.

A young man in wellingtons controls a model boat. An elderly woman walks across a field towards camera. General views show open parkland dotted with trees. The walking group walk across the park land.

Next, a view of some model airplanes doing aerobatics. The family enjoy a stroll around formal gardens with rose beds, surrounding a large white house enveloped in scaffolding. There's a brief shot of a dog sitting in a baby buggy.

The family are on a visit to Brighton on a wet day. General view of Brighton pier. Mrs Quinn waves her headscarf at the camera. A boat is moored near the shore, named William Allchorn. General view of the multicolored flowerbeds on the sea front at Brighton. A fish and chip restaurant occupies a rather grand looking building. Next a view of Brighton sea front from the pier. Various shots around Brighton in dry weather follow including a St Mary's statue in a council house garden, the exterior of a pub which sells ‘Courage’ beers. 

Alnwick Castle is next, showing two castellated towers either side of a gateway, then some general views of a castle wall. Some rather dull weather views follow of the town centre, including a fountain in Bondgate.

Under-exposed views follow of Lindisfarne Castle with a flag flying, the remains of the Priory, the statue of St Aidan and fishing boats in the harbour at Seahouses.

Another visit to the Kielder Reservoir is documented where the family enjoy a pleasure boat trip. 

In the Lake district, a group of family and friends get off a (Mallam) coach and prepare for a walk by putting on boots and carrying back packs. Some of the walkers start climbing a rocky hill and make a mound out of small stones. The film ends with the walking group heading back down a mountain.