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NEFA 21905



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This amateur film made by Mr L Hammell, a teacher at Norton High Street Junior School, shows pupils and staff from the school exploring the sights and industry of the North Pennines, taking in Cow Green reservoir and High Force near Middleton-in-Teesdale. The final part of the films shows pupils at the school walking along an upturned bench.

Opening view looks down the course of a rock strewn river. General views follow of the powerful river current, taking in the pool below High Force.

The camera zooms in on a smaller waterfall just the right of the main cascade of High Force. Schoolchildren clamber over the rocks near the waterfall and  pool at its base.

The film cuts to views taken from the top of the falls as the water plunges down into the pool.

The film then cuts to a walking party of children and teachers as they make their way along the road towards the camera.

The camera shows wide open moorland then Cow Green reservoir comes into view. The walkers make their way to the dam at Cow Green. General views follow of the dam and Cauldron Snout nearby.

The film cuts back to the school in Norton and a view of the schoolyard as children walk across an upturned bench or form. They go along its narrow base carefully in order to keep their balance. Others jump on or over other pieces of gymnasium equipment. The film ends with teachers supervising the exercises the children are practising.