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A father and daughter search for hidden treasure on Saltburn beach after the discovery of a buried pirate’s map. Which turns out to be a restaurant promo. This comedy short was produced by amateur Middlesbrough filmmaker Leonard Winter, and stars Leonard Winter, his daughter Maureen, and wife Jean. This film is part of the Newcastle & District Amateur Cinematographers Association collection.

Credit: Leonard Winter Presents

Title: Hidden Treasure!

Title: ?

The film opens with a general view of the rocky cliffs and beach at Saltburn. A cute little girl, her hair in bunches, is digging a hole on the beach. She uncovers a purse in the sand and takes it to her father nearby. He opens the old leather purse and takes out a piece of paper, a skull and cross bone drawn on the folded scrap. He tosses away the purse, and unfolds the paper. His face registers surprise. Close-up of a pirate’s map of the imaginary “Westrock Bay” with instructions for finding treasure He traces an arrow on the map with his finger.

He grabs the child’s hand and runs across the beach towards a rock, a concrete World War Two pillbox partly submerged in the sand behind him. He points to the first instruction on the hand-drawn map. He paces across the sand with his daughter, following the map’s instructions. He points to the next instructions and strides across the sand in another direction, followed by his daughter.

The two reach a rocky area on the beach. The little girl pulls out a small leather suitcase from behind a rock and carries it to her father, who runs off with the case. Sitting down near the cliff, he begins to open the case.

A young woman walks onto the rock-strewn beach in a flowery two-piece swimsuit, Saltburn’s Zetland Hotel and grand seafront terraces visible on cliffs in the background. The next scenes cut between father and daughter looking in the case, and the young woman, Jean Winter, modestly undressing behind the rock, unaware her case has been taken. She flings her wet two-piece swimsuit on the rock to dry, whilst, further up the beach, he is pulling underwear from the case and scratching his head. The young woman, wrapped in her beach towel, begins to search for her missing case behind other rocks near the cliffs.

Meanwhile, the man has given up on buried treasure, and uses the case as a pillow whilst he naps on the beach. His young daughter begins to throw sand on him as he dozes.

Further up the beach, the woman suddenly sees the man and her case. She calls over the little girl and points to the case, asking her to bring it over. She joins the girl in pulling out her case from beneath the man’s head and races off across the rocky beach, the father and daughter giving chase. To her dismay, her towel falls off and she races behind a rock to hide. The man follows her behind the rock … and flies head over heels back across the beach (implying she has hit him hard). He holds his eye, whilst the little girl laughs. He now sports a comical black eye. One last look at the map reveals that the “Pieces of Eight” treasure is actually the name of a restaurant. Bemused, he tosses away the map, takes his daughter’s hand, and they head off across the beach. 

Title: The End