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YFA 2954



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A film made by Mr Hickling, the owner of a local business school in Wombwell, near Barnsley. This film contains footage of the parades and activities that take place during a Whit Parade.

A group of men carry a banner up the hill, and to their right, there are children line up beside a wall to their as they go past. The children, escorted by women, go up the hill as a brass band plays, while conducted by a man on a podium. A young girl wearing a cape and sitting on a cart is crowned as Queen of the parade; lots of people clap for her. There are other children sitting on the cart and they have little flower bouquets and look to the camera. Down the road a truck with an open back carries more small children followed by a long procession of more children and adults on foot.

A horse pulls another cart of children; it is decorated with bunting and flag and a brass band follows it. In another part of the village, scouts of all different ages march up a road and a truck full of children is unloaded. A religious banner is held at the side of the truck, it reads `Come to Me Jesus'. A woman makes a speech from the Queen's cart and a man on a podium conducts the crowd in singing. Some young boys hold a banner that reads` By Love Serve One Another'. Two policemen walk behind the truck followed by more people and a man walks along the side of the road holding out a donation box to the crowd. One of the banners reads `Barnsley Rd. Methodist Sunday School Wombwell ESTBD 1869'; the youngest Hickling brother marches along.

The children in truck float wave to the camera, and a boy stands with a sign for the Salvation Army. A Council Highways Dept. truck is full of children standing and singing whilst a man conducts from the road beside them. Down the street a brass band walks ahead of members of the army and the home guard. Behind them the Queen's float and some young girls follow, along with members of the `Methodist Sunday School, Park Street'.

The parade continues this time with a teenager's brass band; one of the Hickling boys is in the crowd. There is another shot of the Queen being crowned by an older woman who then makes a speech. A man stands and conducts the band and the final shots are of some children on the street including the oldest Hickling daughter who poses with friends.