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YFA 2948



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A film made by Mr Hickling, the owner of a local business school in Wombwell, near Barnsley. In this film there is footage of the wedding of Mr Hickling's son which takes place just after World War Two.

The film opens with a woman tying ribbons to a car, and the best man drags Mr Hickling out of the house; he pretends to kick the groom into the car. The groom and the guests are shown going inside the church with some of the men in military uniform.

The bridesmaids and flower girl are waiting outside the church when a large car comes down the driveway with the bride. She gets out of the car and one of the bridesmaids helps her to arrange the train of her train. Her father then takes her arm, and the bridal party enter the church.

After the ceremony the bride and groom exit the church and pose on the church steps. They stand arm-in-arm and smile. The rest of the wedding party joins them and take turns to pose in groups together. An older man and woman stand together outside; he points to the camera and then grabs her face and kisses it.
Inside at the reception the bride and groom stand behind a tall wedding cake; they cut it together. The other guests are sitting at long tables eating and smiling at the camera.

A group of men and women exit a building, they smile and wave at the camera. They line up at a tea counter, get cups of tea and sit down in a conservatory-style building. They chat and mingle and a man and woman see the camera and wave at it.

Shots from the roof of a building looking down onto the road; cars, lorries and coaches drive up and down.

A row of people sit outside on chairs and pose for the camera; one of the men has what appears to be a Mayor's chain. More shots of men and women mingling outside in the sunshine and a group of women walk over to the seats and sit down; the camera takes shots of each one of them.

A woman gets out of a car and helps an older woman out too; they smile at the camera and board a bus with a group of other women.

A man, woman and a child play ball on a beach, they joke about for the camera. The little girl then plays in the sand with a bucket and spade and then they all sit in the water smiling at the camera.

A man has his hair combed by a woman as they stand in the sea, they laugh. In the next shot, the man, woman and child play leap frog along the beach.

The next scene opens with two men holding several puppies in each hand; they put them into a basket and some of the puppies jump out. They put them back into the basket and tip them out on the grass and put them with their mother.

Three women stand outside with a puppy in each hand, one of the women talks to a puppy. Three spaniels sit on the grass watching something over their heads; they bound off after it.

A little girl is on a beach digging in the sand; she throws sand onto her brother who is sitting nearby and jumps up and down on the pile of sand. In the next shot her older sister and brother are sitting on their brother's back.

The two sisters wander across the grass towards the camera. Then they are on various amusement rides and then on donkeys; they wave at the camera. Their mother paddles in the sea with the two sisters and then she dries them off.

The final shot is from above looking down onto the amusements, the boat rides and the two girls in a train ride.