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YFA 2953



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A film made by Mr Hickling the owner of a local business school in Wombwell, near Barnsley. This film captures the family on holiday in Scarborough and Blackpool.

The film opens with shots of the Scarborough coast with the castle on the cliffs, the Grand Hotel, the buildings along sea front and the huge waves crashing on the rocks.

The following shots consist of a group of young girls playing outside; they are skipping, playing with dolls and prams and riding tricycles. Following this there is a shot of some adults sitting outside on deckchairs and talking to a little girl.

There is a shot of the lido at Scarborough taken from the top of a hill looking down. The fountain is visible on one side of it with crowds of people swimming in the water and milling around.

The next few shots are of a child's model aeroplane collection which is displayed outside a house. Many of the aeroplanes are replicas of military bombers.

A couple walk up a road towards the camera with a baby; the mother grins at the baby as it looks at the camera. There is a shot of the baby's father who laughs heartily for the camera. Another man is looking under the bonnet of a car whilst talking; he shuts it and gets into the car.

Following this is a shot of an umbrella which is lifted to show the daughter sitting in a chair with her doll; she is outside the business school posing for the camera.

A younger couple, two young girls and a boy walk along a park and sit on a bench; they smile and wave at the camera.

Some more park shots with a young girl in a bathing suit running along the grass and the camera focusing on two men who have their backs to it.

There is a shot of a large, crowded outdoor pool; the little girl sits on the edge of it drying her feet. The next shot is of children jumping around in the paddling pool.

Mrs Hickling and her daughters walk down the stone steps in the garden of a large house; many people wander around the huge grounds. Gazebos, sculptures and pruned hedges can be seen in the background.

There is a brief shot of the two young girls walking arm-in-arm with three soldiers and then there are shots of various amusements rides. There is an enclosed area where children ride tricycles and all around the beach front are hundreds of deck chairs.

There is a shot of the beach from up on the cliff and the two girls run over to pet the donkeys on the beach. Their mother helps them to change into their bathing suits and then they run to the water. Their father rolls his trousers up and paddles with the girls.

The film closes with scenes of Mrs Hickling and the two girls as they go on a donkey ride.