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Tyne Tees Television Today at Six news special about Gateshead Harrier Brendan Foster’s return to Newcastle after winning the European 5000 metre gold medal at the 1974 European Championships in Rome, beating double Olympic champion Lasse Virén. A second feature covers celebrations for the Bomarsund Welfare Cricket Club team who beat Collingham, Nottinghamshire, at Edgbaston on 31st August 1974 to become Haig National Village Cricket Champions.

Brendon Foster leaves a British Airways plane at Newcastle Airport, and is greeted by his wife and a group of press photographers on the tarmac. He kisses his wife.

Title: Today at Six Special

Group portrait of Bomarsund Welfare Cricket Club team who hold up the prize cup and pints of beer in triumph after winning the Haig National Village Cricket Championship final. They chant the team name. The players include Dor Dreyer.

Title: Return of the Heroes

Portrait shot of Brendan Foster and his wife, smiling. Foster turns down a request from the media.

Title: Brendan Foster European 5000 metre gold medallist

The Bomarsund Welfare Cricket Club team hold their trophy in the air whilst chanting.

Title: Bomarsund Welfare National Village Cricket Champions 1974

A British Airways plane taxis at Newcastle Airport. Susan Foster leaves the terminal accompanied by Gateshead Harriers athletics coach Stan Long and another man heading for the tarmac to greet her husband. People are gathered on the roof of the airport terminal to watch the return of the new European 5000 metre champion from Gateshead. A crew of press photographers take pictures of Brendan Foster and his wife, shyly grinning, beside the plane. Foster hands Stan Long his medal in its red case. The press ask if he can take it out so they can get a shot. Foster hands it to his wife. Close up of the gold medal. Foster swings it around on its ribbon jokily. The group move off.

Alister Harrison offers his congratulations, saying it’s a bit different to Rome, and interviews Foster about his race victory, his stomach bug, race tactics and his training facilities at Gateshead. Foster says that the Gateshead track is the best in the world, much better than the one he'd just run on. He says he would have got the world record if he'd been running at Gateshead Stadium. Foster heads away into the airport terminal.


Brendan Foster walks though the terminal, people smiling and clapping him. He grins to camera as he exits the airport and breaks into a jog to a waiting car.

Interview with Gateshead Council leader Bill Collins about the provision of the stadium and Foster’s new job with the council as Recreation Director of Sport, helping promote sport with young people in the region. The facilities at Gateshead are open to everyone and he hopes youngsters will want to follow in Brendan’s footsteps. Collins also talks about supporting Foster in his training and commitment to sport. He hopes he will get a gold medal at the Montreal Olympics and it will put Gateshead on the map. He states that Gateshead has always encouraged sport. The stadium is 20 years old. He explains that there were a lot of problems to get rid of such as slum housing. But now these have been dealt with, the council can concentrate on leisure. He says that he would rather young people participated in sport than become watchers and hooligans.

Next, there are various shots of the Northumberland League Bomarsund Welfare cricket team in action. The players rouse their crowd of supporters in the stands at Edgbaston in a sing song. General view of the Edgbaston cricket ground.

A banner for Bomarsund Welfare hangs on a wall in the bar at their club house. Various shots record the team and their family and friends celebrating their win in the Haig National Village Cricket Championship final. Interview with the captain of the team. A woman passes around sandwiches.

Credit: Reporter Alister Harrison

Group portrait of the team with the captain holding up the trophy.

Credit: Producer Allan Powell

Further shots of the proud team with the trophy raising a cheer for Bomarsund.

Credit: Director Tony Kysh

Group portrait as the team roar their team’s name.