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NEFA 19887



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An amateur film produced by the Cleveland Cine Club looking at the heritage and landscape of the Cleveland area. The film explores Middlesbrough town centre, coastal resorts such as Redcar, Runswick Bay and Whitby, and some derelict areas along the River Tees. The film also looks at the local countryside and visits a country show. Industry in the area shows workers leaving the Cargo Fleet steelworks on Middlesbrough Road.

Credit: Produced by Cleveland Cine Club

The film begins with an overhead view of Stockton High Street followed by a very brief shot of the Cleveland Hills.

The film cuts to a high angle view across the landscape of Middlesbrough's St Hilda's estate with the clock tower of the old town hall and the steeple of the old cathedral, in the distance the distinctive outline of Newport Bridge.

Small boats are drawn up on a beach.

Title: Heritage

Workers leave Cargo Fleet steelworks and pass the head office on Middlesbrough Road, South Bank.

A general view of the sea follows.

A thatched cottage sits next to a stream at Thornton le Dale, east of Pickering.

Shots follow of pub or hotel exteriors advertising local breweries including the Unicorn Hotel [Stockton] advertising Cameron's Ales and another building advertising Vaux beers, the Essoldo Bingo Club [Sussex Street, Middlesbrough?] and the Mecca Casino on Corporation Road [now the Empire]. Outside the Mecca a Teesside Corporation Bus waits at a bus stop.

Next a shot of the premises of Alf Findlay and Son Ltd, a betting shop on Albert Road. Middlesbrough[?] On Albert Road opposite the town hall, a Middlesbrough Corporation blue 'R' bus goes past as pedestrians wait to cross the street. In the distance in full leaf can be seen trees that border Victoria Square.

There's a view of of the Corporation Hotel on the corner of Albert Road and Corporation Road. The camera pans right to left looking south down Albert Road. Heading north towards the camera are some red United buses along with the navy blue and white Middlesbrough Corporation buses.

Children play on a street. Wires cross the street on poles. The film cuts to show buildings being demolished. A car travels down a street where houses once stood. In the distance a mechanical shovel scrapes up the rubble and debris of recent demolition work. There are shots of a derelict corner shop, formerly a fruit and vegetable store, according to the lettering painted above the windows.

Another run down area, Slate Street in Middlesbrough, where children are seen playing on the roof of a derelict car.

The film cuts to the colourful flower beds at Ayresome Gardens in Middlesbrough. Linthorpe Road can be seen in the distance.

A general view follows of Thornaby new town centre[?] Through a large window there is an overhead view of a busy supermarket. This is followed by a another view of the town centre.

The film cuts to Zetland Road in Middlesbrough showing Zetland House next to the railway station and the Zetland pub. In the distance can be seen Crown House. There is another view of Crown House from the railway crossing near the 'border'.

General views show an industrial estate [Cargo Fleet?]. The film cuts to views of streets near to the docks with dockside cranes seen in the distance. Other general views across the Tees show cranes and building work in the distance. In another street a view of the River Tees taken through barbed wire. Dilapidated warehouse stand near the docks.

The film cuts to a panning shot right to left across a beach revealing Lady Palmer's cottage at Runswick Bay. A fisherman attends to nets. There is a general view of the harbour side, where lobster pots are stacked.

Against a railing in front of the beach a woman poses wearing a traditional Staithes bonnet. A high angle shot shows a fisherman repairing his nets.

Shots of the beach and the promenade at Redcar follow. Children ride on a small roundabout on the beach. A notice on the beach advertises 'Toffee Apples, Orange Crush and Candy Floss'. Children buy these items from a kiosk nearby. Next a view of a Shellfish Bar. A small child jumps up and down on a ground level trampoline. People mill about on the promenade with The Regent Cinema in the distance. General views follow of donkey rides on the beach and of crowds on the promenade. A group of young women in the current fashion of mini skirts talk amongst themselves.

A general view follows of fishing boats in the harbour at Whitby taken from East Cliff. In the town women by fish from a stall. Oak smoked kippers are advertised for sale. General views follow of Whitby Abbey.

The film cuts to show first a view of West Green at Stokesley, then stone cottages and floral displays possibly at Castleton[?]

General views of Great Ayton village with Roseberry Topping in the distance. Along a road through the village can be seen in the distance a group of shops including Suggitt's famous ice cream and coffee bar. A general view follows of the weir at Great Ayton.

The film changes to show cherry blossom, a country garden and a tractor and baler collecting hay, and the stepping stones across the River Leven at Great Ayton.

The film cuts to a country show, possibly at Stokesley, where cattle are paraded by their owners. A close-up follows of a winning Jersey cow with its prize rosette. Sheep are restrained in wooden pens. In another pen a pig takes food from the crowd.

A show jumper's horse falters at a fence, but clears the next.

General view of blooming heather on the moors followed by a close up of heather plants. General views of moorland landscapes with clouds moving quickly across the sky.

Shots follow of more brewery signs. A Cameron's sign on a street named West Row and another sign for Bass breweries at an unknown location. A number of business signs follow at various locations including Harold Dawson Ltd, incensed betting office, a fish and chip shop sign and a Prize Bingo sign.

A shot follows of two cooling towers followed by another of the thatched cottage at Thornton le Dale.

A general view of the sea crashing on shore ends the film.