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YFA 61



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This is a film from the Noel Beardsell Collection about family outings by car.

Title – Here, there and everywhere

Intertitle – the advantage of this sort of holiday . . . .

A car (Reg, HE 5862) is parked outside a house, and then a racing car goes around a country bend.

Intertitle – . . over this . . .

A passenger train, pulled by a steam locomotive, passes by.

Intertitle – . . .is that you go where you wish, and stop where you please.

They stop by a mountain river.

Intertitle – The car carries the camera – and the camera takes the view

Stopping at the side of a country road, they admire the view.

Intertitle – You start to collect cathedrals

The outside of a cathedral is shown.

Intertitle –  . . . and castles

The outside of a castle is shown, and the view from the top.

Intertitle – every halt yields a few more shots

They go over Clifton suspension bridge.

Intertitle – A pause to survey the coastline

They walk along a coastal path, past a lighthouse, and watch a steamship pass (possibly Devon).

Intertitle – Why not slip down to the shore for a dip

A group of people walk along the shore, and some go swimming in the sea.  A man does a handstand, and Mr and Mrs Beardsell canoodle for the camera.

Intertitle – every evening you discuss the day's adventures

The group sit talking at their holiday accommodation.

Intertitle – and make plans for to–morrow

More chatting.

Intertitle – While distance clothes the home landscape in brighter colours

There is deteriorated colour film of countryside.

The End
Part Two
Title – shores of Devon

There is a view of Devon coastline.

Intertitle – ceaselessly the rolling breakers buffet the Devon coast

Waves crash against the rocks.

Intertitle – Picturesque villages perch precariously on its rugged cliffs

They visit Clovelly village, with children go up the steep hill on donkeys.

Intertitle – The natural playground of an island race

Holidaymakers are enjoying themselves on a beach, diving into the sea, doing more headstands, some on surf boards on the waves. There is a dramatic skyline above the cliff tops.

Title – Au Revoir