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YFA 786



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This film was made by amateur filmmaker Kathleen Lockwood and captures the various aspects of nature that are found in her garden throughout a 12-month period. There are also shots of a snow covered village as well as the reservoir.

Title-Out and about in 1966

Title-April 2nd!

The film opens on a snow covered residential area; it is still snowing and a robin hops around on the snow. There are also several shots of a bird nest that has been made in a nesting box on the roof of the house. The shots show the baby birds from the time they hatch until they have feathers and can finally fly the nest.

The season is spring and there are shots of many different trees and flowers beginning to grow.

Following this are shots taken from summertime when the trees and flowers are in full bloom. A cage contains a female guinea pig and several baby guinea pigs that blindly run around the cage.

The film then returns to a snowy scene with countryside views.

Title-Nesting time-A family of blackbirds.

There is a shot from above looking down into a nest which contains several eggs and then in the next shot, the eggs have hatched and the baby birds can be seen.

There are a few shots of the road into the village with the mountains visible in the background and some huge construction vehicles driving along a field.

There is a brief shot of a stone tower attached to a bridge on a lake. And water pouring down a stone stepped area in the reservoir.

In the final scene, a woman, possibly Kathleen Lockwood, walks out of a snow covered driveway in the direction of a car which is covered in snow. This is followed by more shots of the local buildings covered in snow and of school children walking along a road and into their school.