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NEFA 22051



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An amateur film by John Percival Staddon which shows off the attractions of North East of England.  A church fete begins the film (possibly St Chads in Herrington, Sunderland),  followed by visits to North Yorkshire, including Newby Hall near Ripon and Staithes on the North Yorkshire coast. Back up to Northumberland, the work of fishermen at Seahouses is documented. Views show Christmas lights in Sunderland, and the Shields Ferry service between North Shields and South Shields. The film ends with footage of the Borgsten, at the time of filming the largest ship to be built on the Wear.

Title: Here & There

Title: St Chad’s Garden Fetes

The film opens with three women walking towards the entrance of a church grounds along a windy street. A larger group walk up a path to the church garden fete.The church is possibly St Chads in Herrington, Sunderland.

Chairs are set out on a lawn in front of a small wooden hut. Through a window inside the hut refreshments are laid out. In front of the hut a vicar stands to address the gathering of visitors. Other official guests sit either side of him.

Another of the guest clergy addresses the gathering. General views follow of the men, women and children in the audience.

The film cuts to two girls sitting at a small square table. Another is admiring a doll, presumably a result of the other girl's handiwork as the doll is wearing an elaborate wedding dress.

The fete gets underway showing lots of stalls and displays and the crowd mingle amongst the attractions.

On one of the displays a man constructs a simple circular model railway on a table top to run some clockwork engines.

Another stall (selling food?) attracts adults and children alike. From one stall a woman collects a cake, perhaps a raffle prize (?)

Two of the guest speakers enjoy an ice cream while tea is served to another group of guests. Other guest clergy members take turns to speak to the gathering. General views show the guest speakers and visitors enjoying the fete.

One of the stalls promotes a competition, where participants throw darts at playing cards stuck to piece of cardboard. A few try their luck. Some stalls sell home-made produce, such as the stall sponsored by the Mothers Union. A monogram of the letters MU is displayed on a tent or awning behind the stall.

A brief view of a street lit by neon lights is followed by a sign advertising Newby Hall Gardens (possibly Newby Hall nr Ripon). Close up view of plants set in a border adjacent to a high wall. Varieties of iris, dahlia, lupin and lilies in a pond are on display.

Title: Relics of the Past, a Suffolk Cottage and Windmill.

General views of an old thatched cottage and a dilapidated windmill.

Title: Sunderland Photographic Association, Annual Summer Outing, June 19th 1955

A group of people walk down a boat ramp at Staithes(?) The view changes to the same group standing on the rocky shore chatting amongst themselves and looking at the view over the sea. The group walk up the steep hill out of the village.

The film cuts to general views of fishing boats in the harbour at Whitby.

The view changes as the walking group make their way along a narrow tree and shrub lined country track, as they approach the camera.

A much larger group stand in front of shrubs and trees for a group portrait. One man hold a large box of Ilford film and he hands out some of the film from the box to members of the groups.

Title: Spring in Our Garden with Rhododendron and Clematis

General views of suburban garden and displays of flowers

Title: Roses in Our Gardens

Views of extensive and colourful rose beds in the same garden.

Title: MEG a Free Flowering Climber

General views of a climbing rose bush in full bloom.

Title: Maigold – A Beautiful Kordesi Rose

A rose grows against a brick wall, in full bloom with yellow flowers.

Other static views follow showing other different coloured roses.

Title: Seahouses Harbour

General views show boats in the harbour at Seahouses, one small vessel prepares to leave.

Closer views show a variety of work taking place on the boats, including preparing nets. Other small boats enter the harbour. Wooden boxes of freshly caught crab, sit on the quayside.

Title: Sunderland: Christmas Illuminations

Coloured lights are displayed on a tall Christmas tree, along with street and shop window displays.

Title: The River Tyne at South Shields

A road sign opens the sequence, which points left and reads ‘Ferry, North Shields’

The Shields Ferry slowly moves off from the quayside into the main part of the river. Young boys on board smile at the camera. As the boat moves further out, its name is revealed, ‘Northumbrian North Shields’

General views show it making its way across the river. Many larger ships are moored to the quayside in the distance. Smiths Dock yards appear on the north bank of the Tyne. Tugboats are moored together in the river, waiting for work.

The camera shows the Northumbrian returning to South Shields. The ferry churns up water as it starts another trip to North Shields.

Title: A Look At Westgate From Fell Cottage & A Visit To High Force

Opening views show the Pennine village of Westgate in North Durham, with stone cottages. The film cuts to a distant view of a church, taken from the approach road to the church which has a gate across it.

The film cuts to a woman entering a stone (Fell?) cottage.

Various general views show High Force on the River Tees.

Title: The Borgsten – Largest Ship Built On The Wear – Launched November 1st 1963

The film ends on a view through mist shows the fitting out of the large hulk of the Borgsten. The ship is surrounded by cranes as the superstructure of the ship takes shape.