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YFA 5099



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This is a film from the Douthwaite Collection of fox hunting in the village of Badsworth, a tour of parts of Doncaster centre, with the Queen passing through, and finally Blackpool Illuminations.

Title – GBD Productions Present – The Wonder of Elmfieldscope, in glittering, in sparkling black and white,
Title – Here and There
Intertitle – The Badsworth Hands

There is a street sign for Brodsworth, with signs off for Doncaster along the B6422, 4 ½ miles, and other places.  Horses are led out of a horse box, followed by a pack of hounds being let out of another travelling van.  The hunting party assemble.

Intertitle – The Squire

A man is sitting on a horse, and off they go, galloping along a country lane and across fields. 

The film then switches to Doncaster Railway Station, and then the large Co-operative shopping centre on the corner of St. Sepulchre Gate and Duke Street.  This followed by a view down onto the street below, with lots of shoppers, buses and cars passing by.  Then onto the market, and there is a policeman who is directing traffic outside Burton Store on the corner of a very busy junction in Doncaster centre.  Then streets are seen almost deserted as the town centre is filmed from several vantage points, showing, among other places, the Gaumont Cinema, the war memorial and the racecourse.  A crowd of people have lined a street waving as a cavalcade of cars pass by carrying the Queen.

The film switches to a train passing before there is an electric sign for Blackpool and the Blackpool illuminations in the evening.