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YFA 814



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Made by Kathleen Lockwood, this film explores a few different parks and gardens in Yorkshire.

Title-Here and There 1969.

There is a shot taken from the grass at the edge of a road. It is littered with yellow flowers. There are lingering shots of a bird hanging out of a feeder followed by shots of yellow flowers in a garden and a sign which reads `North York Moors National Park, To the Daffodils'. A woman walks along a path in the middle of a field of yellow flowers. She walks in the direction of the camera carrying what appears to be a stills camera. Another woman walks across a field covered in flowers and then there is a brief shot of some daffodils.

The next section begins with a shot of a sign for `Abbotsbury Swannery' and then shots of a river and river bank full of swans. There is a brief shot of a man walking past what looks like a giant golf ball placed along a path; he walks towards the camera.

There is a shot of a leaflet which reads `Compton Acres Gardens' followed by shots of a landscaped garden with a fountain, an archway and lots of flowers. A man and a woman walk along beside the fountain and point things out to each other. There are close up shots of lily pads in the water and a stone bench and statue at one end of a large pond.

The next shot opens on a sign for `The Bird Garden' in Harewood House near Leeds. A group of penguins sit at the edge of a pond while some other penguins dive into the water. Two parrots sit on a stand and eat from their bird bowl. There are shots of other birds including a pair of owls and some other parrots, who try to nibble on a woman's leaflet. Then they climb up a wooden plank into a barrel and are fed by their minder.

Trees laden with their red, autumn leaves line a road, a bus and car drive along the road in the direction of the camera.

Title-The End.