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NEFA 18565



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A film made by the Northumberland County Fire Brigade documenting an RAF rescue helicopter carrying out a winching exercise at Acklington in Northumberland on the 8 August 1968.

The film opens with a view of an RAF Westland Whirlwind rescue helicopter hovering above a field where four firemen are standing. The helicopter hovers, and lowers a winch to pick up a fireman. The fireman is winched aboard the helicopter.

As he is being winched aboard, the helicopter slowly decends until a few feet from the ground. This sequence is repeated. The helicopter then takes off and flies around the fields circling back to where it started. The fireman is then lowered from the helicopter. The winch man talks to the fireman.

The film ends with a shot of the helicopter on a landing pad, its engines turned off, and a group of firemen walking away. The pilot boards the helicopter, two winch men standing beside him. The helicopter starts up and the rotors begin to turn.