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Home movie compilation made by Middlesbrough dentist and amateur filmmaker, Tom H. Brown, that focuses on the life of his first child, Helen, as she grows into adulthood and marries. The film spans the 1930s to the 1950s and features family life in Middlesbrough, trips to Berwick-upon-Tweed, the Tees Valley, Durham, Llandudno in Wales, Holland and Switzerland. Footage in Durham shows Helen rowing on the River Wear as a member of a university women’s boat crew.

[Dufaycolor footage]

The film opens with Kate Brown holding Helen Brown in her lap as a baby. Helen sports a sun visor.

Title: Feeding Time

There are several sequences of Kate sitting in a garden whilst feeding the baby Helen from a milk bottle. Kate talks to camera whilst Helen is feeding.

Title: "A mother’s pride, a father’s joy." Scott

Close ups of Helen as she is helped to walk through a garden. The film shows her as a young child combing her own hair.

Title: "Let Me Do Yours."

Helen tries to comb her father's hair. Close up of Helen holding and kissing a doll. A brief close up of flowers follows.

Title: The Young Idea

Kate climbs into a public swimming pool with her daughter in her arms. Helen wears a rubber safety ring and swimming hat. Kate helps her daughter float in the water.

Title: Vitamins For Helen At 4 yrs

Helen eats fruit, wearing a red beret.

Title: Berwick on Tweed. Georgian Walls

A four-year-old Helen climbs on a cannon guarding the River Tweed by the city walls at Wellington Terrace, Berwick Upon Tweed. Helen waves at the camera.

Title: Boomps A Daisy In Flushing 1939

Kate dances the "boomps a daisy" with a very young Helen, and the two then waltz down the street in Flushing, Netherlands.

Title: The Curtain Goes Up

Helen plays with her younger brother Tony on a toy telephone in the garden of their home.

Title: Llandudno. Scoota Boats. 1946.

Helen gets into a Scoota Boat fairground ride with her younger brother Tony. There are shots of them on the ride with other visitors. The seafront at Llandudno can be seen in the background. Helen waves to the camera.

Title: Low Force 1951

Kate is sitting in sunshine dangling her feet in the water at Low Force waterfalls in Upper Teesdale There are sequences showing visitors at the falls. The sixteen-year old Helen dangles her toes in the water. She shows off the wet patch on her dress.

Title: Winch Bridge

Helen and Kate walk across the Wynch Bridge at Low Force waterfalls.

[Kodachrome footage]

Title: Ladies’ Fours Novices Race, Durham

The next sequences show Helen with a young women’s boat crew for the Ladies’ Fours Novices Race. They walk along a path by the River Wear. There is snow on the grass verges beside the river. Helen meets up with her mother. The women's crew carry their boat down the steps and on o the river. There are sequences of the women rowing on the river. The women return to land. Her mother Kate Brown waves to the camera.

An old sign reads: "Poste & Telegraphe Grand-St-Bernard" Portrait shots of the Brown family in the Great St Bernard mountain pass in Switzerland.

Title: 27.8.58. The Wedding of Malcolm D. Ash And Helen M.C. Brown, BDS

The final sequence features shots of Helen and the Brown family, the groom, guests and bridesmaids in gardens as they prepare to attend Helen Brown’s wedding in Middlesbrough. Guests walk through the site of a new housing estate to reach St Mary’s Church, West Acklam in Middlesbrough. The view beyond church gate shows the new housing development at the corner of St Mary’s Walk and Church Lane.There is a shot of Helen and Malcolm with bridesmaid at the door of the church.

Guests then leave the church. The bride and groom pose for photographs with family members and guests in the church grounds. There are several shots of Helen posing solo in her wedding gown for photographs. The wedding party stand outside St Mary’s Church Hall at the junction of St Mary’s Walk and Green Lane. The back of the Civil Defence building on Green Lane (now demolished) appears in the background.

The final shot is a still of the family crest with Latin motto: "Cogito Ergo Sum."