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Amateur home movie by Middlesbrough dentist Tom H. Brown that records the early years in the life of the Browns' daughter Helen, from her christening at St Barnabas Church,Linthorpe,  Middlesbrough, in 1934, to Helen at the age of 10 months. The film also documents a holiday in Bridlington, East Yorkshire, with a focus on the architecture and monuments of this seaside resort, and visits to Rudston, Sledmere, Ampleforth, and Sutton Bank.

Title: Helen M.C. Brown. Her Film

Title: The Christening at St Barnabus June 3 1934

Title: Helen May Aged 3 Weeks

Group portrait of grandmother, Mabel Brown, holding baby Helen in a blanket, Helen's mother Kate Brown, and a young female relative at the gate to St Barnabas Church, Middlesbrough, before Helen's christening. Mabel and Kate walk up the church path with baby Helen. Helen's grandfather, Tom Brown (Senior), walks to the church door, dressed in a smart suit and bowler hat. Other invited guests arrive at the church, pause and smile at the camera.

Title: Now, Helen May Curtis Brown

Group portrait outside the church entrance with grandmother and baby Helen, Kate Brown and the female relative. Other invited relatives and guests leave the church, many of the men in bowler hats.

Title: Helen Wills at Brid.

Close-up of baby Helen crying and then looking at the camera. Close-up of Helen wearing a sun-visor. Helen's father, Tom H. Brown, holds his daughter in the back garden. He is now wearing the sun-visor.

Title: Helen at 4 1/2 months

Kate Brown holds her smiling daughter. Helen grins at the camera.

Title: Proudlock V. Brown

Portrait shot of Brown family friend John Proudlock with his baby son Noel and Kate Brown holding her daughter Helen, all smiling. Kate waves baby Helen's hand.

Title: John & Noel

Portrait shot of John Noel holding baby Noel in his arm.

Title: An Armful of Trouble

Tom Brown poses with his daughter Helen in one arm and Noel in another, joking and interacting with the young children.

Title: Charlotte

Portrait of Browns' friend Charlotte Leng with her son and baby Helen.

Title: Helen Aged 10 months

Portrait shot of Helen wearing a bonnet, seated in a pram, smiling at camera and cocking her head to one side.

Portrait shot of Helen smiling.

Title: Our Holidays 1934

Title: The Luggage Problem

Tom Brown tries to tie down the packed boot of the family car.

Title: At Last We Are Ready

Kate Brown closes the gate at their semi-detached family home and gets into the car.

Title: Our 'Bungle' At Brid

The Browns' car is parked in the road outside a bungalow.

Title: To The Sands

Kate Brown walks with her parents-in-law along the promenade at Bridlington. General view of the busy beach, two men standing at the promenade railings overlooking the beach.

Title: Some of the Sights

Vignetted high angle shot of a ventriloquist on the beach, the front rows of the crowd of children watching visible in foreground.

Vignetted shot of a couple on the beach.

Title: The Craze for Speed

General view of a powerboat driving into Bridlington bay overtaking a sailing boat. Overhead shot of the motor boat speeding past.

Title: But Why Be Seasick

A boy(?) drives a miniature car on an amusement park auto racetrack. Bridlington bay, beach and town can be seen in the background.

Title: That's Shell That Was!

Various shots of people racing around the auto track, people watching beside the track.

Title: Now for less Modern Times

Title: Old Shops in the High Street

General views of the High Street, Bridlington Old Town, with bow fronted shop "Milner" pictured.

Title: The Bayle Gate Built 1390

Title: Once The Entry to the Priory Grounds

General view of the two storey Bayle Gate with Priory Church tower visible in the background.

Title: The Coat of Arms

Vignetted shot of the 3 B's Coat of Arms of Bridlington Priory and town on the Bayle Gate wall.

Title: Used As A Prison Until Recently

General view of people walking through the stone and brick gate.

Title: The Priory Seen From The Bayle Gate

Shot of Bridlington Priory through the leaded window of the Bayle Gate.

Title: Priory & Bayle Gate

General view of the Priory and the Bayle Gate, monument in front.

Title: Now for a tour of the District

Title: Geometrical Pattern

Close-up of the mosaics at Rudston Roman villa.

Title: Allegorical.Showing Venus

Close-up of the mosaic with figure of Venus.

Title: Sledmere, The Wagoners Memorial

Shot of the First World War carved stone memorial to the men of the Waggoners Reserve, located on the main road through Sledmere.

Title: The Sculptures Show - 1. Farm Hands Enlisting

Close-up of the carvings of men enlisting to fight in the First World War.

Title: 2. Soldiers Disembarking at Calais

Close-up of the carving of the recruited soldiers getting off the cross Channel boat at Calais.

Title: Germans Burning A Church

Vignetted close-up shot of helmeted German soldiers engaged in barbaric acts including the torching a building.

Title: Sledmere, The Cenotaph, Reflection and Remembrance

General view of war memorial.

Title: Some of the Panels

Close-ups of details of the panels.

Title: Ampleforth College, The School House

General view of a college building. Closer shot of the windows. Shot of Tom Brown's car parked on the road beside the college.

Title: Sutton Bank, Launching A Glider

A glider stands on the grass at Sutton Bank, a crowd of spectators in the background. A man runs beside the glider as it taxis to take off. General view of the glider in flight.

Title: The Glider Park

Vignetted (binocular shape) shot of a small crowd surrounding two stationary gliders.

Title: How Quickly Holidays Come To A Close

Title: The End