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YFA 5974



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This is a home movie which focuses on the filmmaker’s children.  It shows the children at play in their garden and in the home as well as features other family members.  It also includes a holiday in Llandudno, Christmas 1983, and the arrival of a new baby boy, Peter, in 1984.

Helen, Gareth, Richard are in a field.  Next they are on the beach at Llandudno where they play with a bucket and spade and collect shells on the coast.  The Red Arrows put on an air display.  The children go on a bouncy castle before fishing for crabs.  They then go on a mountain lift which overlooks the town.  

Back home in Guisborough, Richard is playing with the cat in the garden.  He then unwraps presents underneath the Christmas tree including a picture book and a truck.  Finally, he pulls a cracker with his mum as he sits in a highchair.

Title – Peter Andrew Johnston.  Who just could not wait!

The new-born baby is all wrapped up.  Outside the house, Richard is also wrapped up for the cold.  He goes off with his mum.  He is next seen in a toy car while baby Peter is in a pram.  A family group is at the christening in June 1984 in Guisborough.  They pose for a family photo.  Back home in the garden Helen, Gareth and Richard play football.