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YFA 5972



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This is a home movie which focuses on the filmmaker’s children Helen and Gareth.  It shows the children at play in their garden and in the home as well as features other family members.  It also includes the new addition to the family, baby Richard.

Title – Helen & Gareth

February 1980:  There is a room full of children lying on the floor playing games.  The girls are dressed in garlands.  Gareth and Helen’s dad joins in, along with his brother.  They sit up at a table with a party cake.  Next Gareth and Helen are playing in the garden while the adults are sunbathing on sunbeds.  

Inside, the family take turns playing with a magic wand.  With the use of trick photography and a magic wand, Gareth makes Helen disappear.  The whole family is having fun, playing games, and use a Scalextric Set.  Next, the family is in the garden, messing about, before they are seated around a table for Sunday dinner.  

Title – Introducing Richard Ian Johnston.

1981:  Helen holds her new brother who is sucking on a dummy.  Outside Gareth is on his new racing bike.  Helen cuts out a pattern.  

The family celebrate Richard’s christening, and the camera is set up for a family photo.  The film closes with scenes of the children back at home playing with the rest of the family in the garden.