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YFA 5971



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This is a home movie which focuses on the filmmaker’s children Helen and Gareth.  It shows the children at play in their garden and in the home as well as features other family members.  

Title - Helen & Gareth

Gareth, aged about 3, is dressed in his dungarees and playing in the garden.

Title – A sister, Helen Clare to Gareth David.  Gareth 29.9.73  Helen 23.2.76

Gareth, seated in a chair, is holding his new baby sister, now a few weeks old.  His mother is alongside him.  Next, Gareth is out in the garden where he plays and makes a den out of sunbeds.  Meanwhile family fuss over the newborn Helen, and Gareth plays a game of golf in the garden.  There is a brief view of a Christmas tree before returning again to the garden in the sunshine.  

Later in the year, Helen takes her first steps in July at five months old.  The family is gathered around to watch.  Gareth plays with a football, while Helen plays with a doll.  On a hot day, the children are in the garden playing with buckets of water.  Then they are in a park with a seesaw and a slide.

Back home, Helen is now about two years old and is running about the house with her mother while Gareth is seated at the table drawing.  Next, there is a brief scene of the children dressed up in the garden.  Now back indoors, Helen puts away her toys including a colouring book and a Jack-in-the-Box.  Back in the garden they are running around, with Helen, now a couple of years old, sporting a tee shirt with the words, “Trainee Adult”.  The children play with a football, letting it run down the slope in the garden.  Indoors they are again playing with their toys - Gareth with a motorised Lego set and Helen with a fantasy dolls house shaped like a mushroom.  Mum plays a junior xylophone.  Helen has a make-up set while Gareth has some cut out trains.