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This is a film of Hovingham over the course of a year, showing the different seasons and featuring the Hovingham Methodist Carol Singers.

Opening citation, 'And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.' Genesis 1:31.

We present - The Heavens Are Telling

A film made in heaven showing the changing seasons: 1978 + 1980

The film opens with a snowy field and snow covered trees, with choral singing in the background. There is a change in music and the film focuses on the bare trees. It then shows a river flowing under an old bridge and over a waterfall, in a snowy country landscape. The same scene is then shown in the spring, with more up tempo music, with an imitation cuckoo. Hovingham Hall is seen across a field. The film follows a duck and a toad. A woman feeds some ducks. The sun goes down on some blossoming trees and there is a rainbow. A bee is feeding on a flower, and then a butterfly. The music comes to an end, and we hear real bird song before a version of the hymn 'How big is God' is heard as the camera shows a panorama of the area surrounding Hovingham Hall. Various birds are shown, mainly a blue tit. Two women walking a dog pass by the end of the drive to Hovingham Hall. One of them shouts out, 'taking photographs are we', and gets the response from a woman's voice, 'yes'.

The film moves on to autumn and some geese. Then a fox hunt congregates, with drinks being passed around the riders. The hunt emerges from the back of a pub and sets off, passing some road works.

Intertitle - compliments of the season to you

Inside a house there is a decorated Christmas tree and a woman opens a Christmas card and writes on it. In the background people are singing the carol, Oh come, all ye faithful. The woman lights some candles. Written on a piece of cloth between candles are the words: 'Hovingham Methodist Carol Singers on Christmas Eve'. The singers arrive outside a house at night and sing 'Noel', accompanied by an accordion.
Intertitle - . . . And on December 29th at one of the outlying farms. .

The singers are gathered together to sing more carols. This is followed by a night scene with just a few lights and a half moon.

The End