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This film consists of two different films (and three film stocks) including the Heath Girl Guides at Arncliffe 1932 and the St. George's Day Scout parade through Halifax in 1956.

Heath Guides
Title card - Heath Girl Guides at Arncliffe (1932)

There are a number of tents set up on the grass with the girls seated in front. All the girls are in uniform. There is a table in front of one of the tents at which a girl is slicing bread with a large knife. Next to the table, a tree has been bent sideways and tied down in order to act as a drying rack for a large number of mugs. A younger girl than that of the one using the knife is sorting out the mugs on the tree.

Hung in a tree nearby there is some sort of large basket, most likely used to tie up the food used for the camping trip. Back at the camp, there are a few girls situated around a fire with large buckets and two large pots. The girls are then seated in a circle with their apparent chaperones back at the camp near the tents eating a meal.

This portion of the film then ends with the girls lined up across the shallow part of a stream, and holding hands, they proceed to make their way upstream.

St. George's Day Scouts(1956)
This film begins with a group of boy scouts lined up in front of a building in formation. Then, marching in their formation, they are lead by the honour guard who are carrying different types of flags.

The parade begins going down a main street in the city centre of Halifax. There are many different groups of boy and girl scouts and other youth uniformed organizations. Crowds line the street as the procession passes by. The route of the parade leads near the Halifax Parish Church, at which time the procession changed direction to enter the church. A policeman stands guard to direct the group as they cross the street. The film then ends with the original group of scouts back in formation where they began. As it is the end, they fall out of their formation and pose more candidly, smiling for the camera in one large group.