Film ID:
YFA 6029

HEADINGLEY PLAYERS 1950, 52, 54, 56.


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This is film of several performances in a theatre, filmed from somewhere in the stalls.  It includes a Christmas show, song and dance routines, and comedy.
The performance starts with performers seated in a long line on the stage.  They are singing and suddenly stand up and display the letters spelling “Christmas”.  There is then an act with a man in shorts and a long white beard on a tricycle.  This is followed by a routine involving the singing of 'Good Pull-Up For Cyclists' – a popular variety feature written by Ernest Longstaffe – holding up the lyrics for the audience to sing along to.  The act seems to involve cycling and the boy scouts.  There are women dancing in formation and comedy acts, as well as, presumably, excerpts from musicals, as well as a school performance and a performance of ukulele players.