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YFA 4129



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This film contains footage of Hunslet Boys Club on a trip to Whit Camp in Great Yarmouth in 1973. The club was established in 1940 by Dr. J. Wyllie as a way of offering young people the chance to improve their skills in areas such as sports, crafts, karate, and IT. This footage includes shots of Wellington and Britannia Pier in Great Yarmouth.

There are shots of an amusement park, and the different sections of it are visible.

A motor bike race takes place on a track.

Back at the camp, one man is on his knees, leaning over a bucket. Some of the young men go over to him.

There are more shots of the helicopter in the air.

A group of people are visible far away in the camp. They are wearing suits, hats and sashes. It is possible that they are some of the young men from the camp.

A small plane is in the air doing some loops and twists. It crash-lands, and it is then obvious that shots of a real plane were intercut with shots of a toy plane crashing to the ground.

There is a beach scene followed by shots of an amusement park beside the sea. There is a rollercoaster and signs for `Wellington Pier' and `Britannia Pier' in Great Yarmouth.

The final scene is of the group returning to the camp along country roads. Some of them play cricket before packing up the camp to leave.