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YFA 4570



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This is a health and safety film on accident prevention using professional actors, and with Chris Bonnington and Joe Brown as stunt men. It follows the fortunes of two steel workers going mountaineering and was used by Dormer Tools of Sheffield.

An Interfilm Production

The film begins with a steel worker doing welding up a tower. He is with two of his workmates, one rather accident prone - he nearly gets killed walking between two rail wagons - the other an older man and fellow mountain climber. The two mountaineering steel workers discuss their trip to the Dolomites and their mountain climb. As the younger worker is giving his mate a lecture on doing things correctly and safely an ambulance arrives for an accident.

The Film switches to the younger worker's house where the two of them plan their route up the mountain. The younger worker warns of falling stones and gets out a protective hat for each of them, but the older one prefers his woolly hat. His wife and mother arrive; the wife expressing her worries about her husband getting off with an Italian woman.

Next they are in a bar in Italy, and the younger worker is dancing with an Italian woman. The two mountain climbs discuss their climb with the bar owner, with whom they are old friends. They go up the mountain the next day, but the younger one gets hit on the head by falling rocks and is knocked unconscious. As his mate descends to get help he too has an accident when he loses his hammer, and he too lies on a ledge. Meanwhile, as the bar owner is organising a rescue team the younger climber arrives, having regained consciousness and expecting to see his mate. Realising that he must be in trouble they go back up the mountain and rescue him.

(The BFI catalogue has full credits and cast list, not included on the actual film)