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YFA 4657



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This film is made by pupils at Newman School, which is a special school for pupils with physical disabilities and medical conditions based in Rotherham. This short documentary, made in Haworth, asks members of the public their opinions on Emily Bronte's novel, 'Wuthering Heights'.

The film opens with views of streets and architecture in Haworth. A male student stands in front of a grey stone building giving a piece to camera about the documentaries objective: finding out the public's views on Wuthering Heights.

VOX pops capture members of the public talking about their perceptions of the infamous gothic tale. Two Australian women say it lived up to all their great expectations, a man jokes that he's only heard of it because of Kate Bush, while a women in a rain jacket acknowledges the parallels between the landscape and the characters. More interviews follow, with a woman in a tea shop saying it's one of her least favourite books, and many others noting the dark, romantic overtones of the novel.

Another student gives a piece to camera, saying it's been fantastic to come to Haworth, a place so obsessed with Wuthering Heights. A member of the public mentions that the book is romantic, with her friend muttering (under her breath) that it's boring. Another piece to camera shows a male student arguing against the romantic interpretation, stating that the excessive violence throughout totally negates such a reading.

The film closes with an extract of a music video from Kate Bush's 1978 hit, 'Wuthering Heights'.