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YFA 1813



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This is one of many travelogue films made by amateur filmmaker Laurie Wright. Using intertitles, the films shows many of the interesting sights of Patterdale & Hellvelyn at a time before mass tourism.

Title - An Argoth Production
Intertitle - Lakeland the walkers paradise
A rambler in shorts walks across a moor away from the camera.

Title - Ullswater
The lake is shown from a distance.

Intertitle - Glenridding, one of Lakeland's many glorious valleys.
The valley and lake are shown, and some houses near a river.

Intertitle - Eagle Farm
The farm is shown, and a man stands next to some other farm buildings.

Intertitle - Massive chimneys are a local feature and are built of very small stones.
Examples of the large chimneys are shown on the rooftops of houses. A farmer leads some cattle out of a cow shed with his dog.

Intertitle - Grisdale, awe-inspiring valley among the high fells.
Grisdale Valley is shown, with the fast running river going through it, interspersed with rocks.

Intertitle - Even wet days have their compensations - becks and waterfalls becoming magnificent raging torrents.
There is a view over one of the large lakes. A lorry carrying 'Express Dairy' from Appleby passes through a village. There is a raging river.

Intertitle - Aira Beck comes tumbling down to its mighty leap over Aira Force waterfall.
The waterfall is filmed from above and below.

Intertitle - Looking down from the bridge at the top of the force.
The waterfall is filmed again from the top and side. Further along the river there is a bridge. There is a road sign for 'Helvellyn', followed by a muddy path.

Intertitle - From 1100 feet a view is obtained of Dollywagon Pike.
There is a view down onto the Pike.

Intertitle - From 1600 feet Grisedale Pass opens up to view.
The Pass is filmed from high up and from ground level.

Intertitle - At 2300 feet, first sight of the massive Helvellyn Group.
Mountains are seen in the distance.

Intertitle - Striding Edge. It's (sic) knife-like ridge particularly dangerous on a windy day.
There is a view along the long edge from various positions. A rambler walks along the edge.

Intertitle - One false step and . . .
The rambler continues on his walk.

Intertitle - . . . . It's a sheer drop into Red Tarn 400 feet below.
The rambler continues on his walk, and the camera shows the drop into the water below.

Intertitle - An even worse fall is over the other side into Grisedale 1000ft below.
The camera shows the drop on the other side as the rambler continues walking along the ridge. A man emerges from a stone shelter.

Intertitle - Having scrambled along Striding Edge we can safely look back on our tracks.
The Edge is now shown from the other side.

Intertitle - Striding Edge Red Tarn and Swirral Edge from top of Helvellyn (13118ft.).
The two edges are shown from above.

Intertitle - Ullswater is clearly seen 2642 ft. below, over Swirral Edge and Cat-sry-cam [Catstycam].
Again Swirral Edge is shown, and two walkers sit down to consult their map. There is a plaque, protected by a pile of stones. The camera shows the writing (difficult to read), and then the surrounding panoramic view.