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This is a promotional film commissioned by the Corporation of Scarborough.  The film includes commentary which highlights the many attractions of Scarborough, promoting the seaside town as a wonderful holiday destination. 

Title – Having A Wonderful Time
Script, Photography and Commentary by Peter Hadingham

The film begins by the seaside with young boy crouching by a rock pool.  The boy walks across the rocks to join many other children and adults on the beach at Scarborough.  A couple sit on a cliff overlooking the bay.  With the tide in, the harbour is full of fishing boats.  The film introduces the old part of the town behind the harbour, starting with the King Richard III House, and then showing a church and narrow back streets.  Next it is onto a busy street corner, and the film highlights many of the shops and theatre attractions:  Boots (possibly Nicholas Street), Woolworths, Marshall and Shelgrove, the entrance to a theatre/music hall with an advertisement for The Vic Oliver Show, the Grand Opera House, showing The Anonymous Lover, the Aberdeen Walk Picture House (possibly showing Hondo), the Odeon and a shop selling prams. 

Yachts and small boats sail in the harbour.  Visitors walk around the castle and the Scar which divides the coast into the North Bay and the South Bay.  There is a winding path going down the cliff and steps going back up.  Then we see the cliff lifts on the south side and the north side, a seafront packed with people on deck chairs, a line of taxis, buses, a horse and cart, and a vintage motor car driving along the sea front.  This is followed by the annual fishing competition with the junior event.  On top of a cliff, a family look through a telescope.  A packed train on the miniature railway heads off along the bay.  A water chute ride slides down into the children’s boating pool. Then children are in rowing and pedal boats in the boating pool, and there is a speed boat in the bay.

At a fairground there is a helter-skelter, a merry-go-round and other rides.  In the evening, the fairground is lit up with lights, and there are neon signs for ‘Cliff Lift Running’, ‘The Spa’, ‘Dancing’, ‘Showtime’, ‘Casino’, ‘Welcome Pleasure Land’ and ‘Amusement Park, Jimmy Corrigans’.

The next morning the film goes onto highlight parks and gardens which are beautifully landscaped.  The Italian garden includes hanging baskets, and this is followed by an outdoor heated swimming pool and sunbathers.  Next, to a pool reserved for children sailing model yachts, and a man rows a boat across the harbour during which the spa is prominent in the background.  People enter the Spa, and others sit outside in a semi-circle of chairs.

On the cliff top people are playing bowls, tennis, golf, and riding horses.  Next children are playing on the beach in the sand, in rock pools, in the sea, going on donkey rides, and watching a Punch and Judy show.  Many of the adults are asleep in deckchairs.  In the bay, a scale model of the ‘Hispaniola’ takes tourists on a re-enactment of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island.  A fireworks display is followed by another re-enactment, of naval battles, using 30ft scale models in Peasholme Park.  A brass band performs on a bandstand in middle of the lake while an audience sits watching from the banks.  A pleasure cruise, the ‘Yorkshire Lady,’ leaves the harbour and sails past the lighthouse.
The International Motorcycle Race meets at Oliver’s Mount Circuit.  Cars arrive to fill a large car park, and a race gets underway.  A large crowd watches from a grassy bank, and the scoreboard can be seen.  The race is filmed from a tight bend in the track, and the winner passes the chequered flag at the finish line.  

A game is being played at the Yorkshire Lawn Tennis Club in Scarborough.  Scarborough Cricket ground is packed with spectators watching a match.  The film finishes by again showing snippets from various parts of Scarborough, including a family playing on the beach.

End credits – A Swift Film Production for the Corporation of Scarborough
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