Film ID:
NEFA 21654



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An amateur film by members of the Cleveland Cine Club showing the Haverton Hill Silver Band performing for a crowd at an outdoor event.

The film opens on a wooden plaque beside a seating crowd that reads ‘Haverton Hill Silver Band’.

Crowds walk past a raised platform on which members of the Haverton Hill Silver Band are seated waiting to perform. They are all wearing matching uniforms. One of the musicians walks past the front of the stage blowing his nose. On the ground in front of him are a number of drums and other percussion instruments. The large drum is embossed with the Haverton Hill Silver Band name.

In front of the stage, members of the band walk towards the rear carrying a number of snare drums. They come back to stand in front of the stage and begin to perform along with four trumpeters.

On the stage, the conductor waves his arms in time to the music as other members of the band perform.

The film ends on views of crowds walking about the event or sitting on the grass relaxing.