Film ID:
YFA 6300



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This amateur film by Walter Gill looks at the Hartlepool town show of 1980.

Title: Hartlepool Town Show 1980

The film opens showing people paying for tickets at a table set up near an entrance door.

Footage of cars and marquees, and visitors making their way to the different attractions follows.

The Newton Aycliffe Pipe Band display their skills on bagpipes and drums.

A view then follows of a bouncy castle, called 'Kiddie Kastle' where youngsters expend their energy.

The pipe band are on the move and marching towards the camera, moving on into the main area where stalls and displays are on show.

Two young men pose for the camera before more views of the now stationary pipe band follow.

A large circular fairground chair ride gives some of the visitors a thrill.

Next a group of young people in blue track suits march along a perimeter road. They carry a banner, some of which reads 'Hartlepool Boys Welfare'. They march on to a sports field.

A group of children wearing blue track suits jump or summersault over a gymnaium 'horse' as part of a display.

A hot air balloon is inflated, a notice nearby reading 'Talbot Balloon Team'. A closer view shows the team at work getting the balloon inflated. Gradually the balloon canopy lifts into the air. Crowds gather to watch progress. Finally one of the team who is in the basket below the canopy is lifted from the ground. Other members of the team pull on restraining ropes. Gradually the pilot is lifted higher.

Children on ponies are led across a field. A policeman on horseback rides by.

A group of girls march in uniform away from the camera, waving pom poms. At the front of the group, which includes a marching band, a banner is carried which reads 'Anglo American Ambassadors Swing Band, Redcar, England'. The band marches past the camera, followed by the girls waving pom poms.

A brief view of some model radio controlled airplanes is followed by a display of classic cars, including vintage Morris and Austin cars, some old commercial lorries and a fire engine.

General views follow of families and other visitors enjoying the day out. The Newton Aycliffe Pipe Band appear again. The pipers stand in a circle as they play. The film ends with more general views of the crowds, including a man in cowboy outfit with a gun holster.

Title: The End