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YFA 5617



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Part of the Fastline Collection this film shows railway sleepers being unloaded at Hartlepool docks and taken to West Hartlepool Creosote Depot where they pass through a creosote machine.

The film begins with Dockers unloading railway sleepers from a ship (the Merak), possibly at Hartlepool docks.  The sleepers are stacked high on the dockside next to a railway line.  The sleepers are measured and shuffled around by a dockworker using a steel bar with a hook and then loaded onto railway wagons by a crane.  The film switches to a workshop, most probably West Hartlepool Creosote Depot, where the sleepers are loaded onto a conveyer belt.  They pass through a planing machine and emerge at the other end and loaded back onto railway wagons. These open wagons are shunted by a steam locomotive into large round metal containers for the sleepers to be creosoted.  These are sealed before being pulled out the other end by a chain.  A workman unloads a railway wagon of metal chairs which pass along a conveyer belt and have fixings inserted into them by a machine.  The chairs are then fixed onto the sleepers by screws partially hammered in by workers.  They then pass through another machine which drills the screws fully down.  As they come out the end the sleepers are hooked back into wagons, and the film comes to an end.