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YFA 6299



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This amateur film by Walter Gill records the events at the Hartlepool Harbour Fete in 1980.

Title: Hartlepool Harbour Fete - 1980

The film opens with visitors making their way to Hartlepool harbour.

A group of female gymnasts perform on a lower promenade.

The next view shows boats out at sea, just offshore. Crowds lean on railings on the promenade above the harbour as they watch events unfold. Others sit on the edge of the quayside watching the fete get under way. An inshore lifeboat speeds round the harbour. Then a helicopter flies in as part of an air-sea rescue display.

The crowds watch the helicopter as it makes manoeuvres over the harbour and the boats below.

In the distance, a man is lowered from the helicopter, and rescues a man from a boat. He's lowered again to another boat, and lifts another man off. General views show the crowd watching the helicopter alternating with views of the helicopter in action.

The helicopter flies over the crowd, and a figure below the helicopter seems to waterski on the sea's surface.

More general views show other aircraft entertaining the crowds.

A flotilla of other small boats crowd the harbour. A number of home made rafts are launched into the harbour by their crews. The crews paddle their way across the harbour.

A brass band provides some music.

Some more general views of the crowds ends the film.

Title: The End