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YFA 6311



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Amateur film of friends visiting Hartlepool docks in the mid-1970s, including Margaret and Walter Gill.

Title: Hartlepool Docks

The opening view shows small boats moored in the harbour. A small pleasure boat leaves the harbour. Another boat heads towards the bay.

A man and woman walk by camera, the man holding a cine camera. He acknowledges the camera.

A view of a large ship follows, surrounded by dockside cranes. The man with the cine camera crosses a small bridge in the docks area, followed by his companion.

Two tugs are moored at the dockside. A large ship sails towards the docks. A young man wearing a trilby hat stands next to an older man with camera on the dockside. The large ship arrives near the quayside. Portrait shot of the younger man.

A view follows of a rocky shoreline looking towards ships out at sea, near The Heugh in Old Hartlepool.

The film cuts back to the harbour with a number of small boats moored on sandbanks as they wait for the tide to come in.

Margaret Gill is sitting on a capstan at the dockside, and Walter Gill approaches to talk.

A general view across the harbour shows a small boat and some cranes. As the camera pans left, a large ship comes into view at the dockside.

The film cuts to a dockside view of the ferry rowing boat across the harbour. Brief shot of Margaret. Then general views follow of the dock area and a close-up of a tugboat named 'Hart'.

The film concludes with more general views of the industrial docks, cranes towering over ships, and a smaller fishing boat at the closer quayside.