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NEFA 21677



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An amateur film made by John Parsons of the Hartlepool Cycling Club recording a number of cycling events taking place around the region. The first race featured is a 10-mile time trial club event taking place on the evening of 25th May 1971 from Sappers Corner on the A689 to Wynyard in County Durham and a return to start. This is followed by the third stage of the 1971 Milk Race taking place on the 2nd June showing the start of the race at Durham and riders crossing Westerdale Moor in North Yorkshire. The final event featured is the seniors and juniors Crescent Criteriums circuit race around the Newton Aycliffe Trading Estate in County Durham on the 17th March 1972.

The film opens at dusk with riders from the Hartlepool Cycling Club traveling along a duel carriageway heading east along Stockton Road from Wynyard to Sappers Corner. Riders and cars travel under the now demolished A19 flyover. At the finish a small crowd record times as Peter Bate crosses the line first followed by Kay Bate, Brian Wearing and Alan Busby.

The film cuts to show the beginning of the third stage of the 1971 Milk Race with riders travelling up Shincliffe Bank near Durham. The film changes location to Westerdale Moor in North Yorkshire where a number of cars are also parked along the side of the road. The Milk race service vehicles with bicycles on the roof, drive past followed by a motorcycle marshall. Behind comes a lone rider, Graham Moor, who pedals past followed by a pack of other riders.

The film changes to Newton Aycliffe Trading Estate where a small pack of five riders travels past. Following on behind comes a larger pack of riders, watched by a small number of people standing on the pavement. The five riders takes a sharp left turn past a modern office building with the larger pack not far behind. General views showing one large pack travelling around the estate circuit behind a Mini motorcar watched by small crowds. The film changes for an elevated position and the start of the junior race looking down on a Teesside Clarion rider walking along a path carrying his bicycle. At a road junction, one rider takes a right-turn passing other rider travelling in the opposite direction. The film ends with the riders sprinting towards the finish and Stuart Morris of Teesside Clarion crossing the line first.