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YFA 1728



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This film features the Odeon Cinema in Harrogate. The cinema was opened on the 28th September, 1936 with Gene Gerrard in "Where's Sally." The quintessential 'Odeon' external design involving curved entrance, tall slender Art Deco fin, faience tiles and brick faced auditorium. The film includes footage of the exterior of the cinema as well as its employees posing underneath the advertising marquee.

The film opens with a man, wearing a bowler hat, who is walking down a main street in Harrogate. The Kit Kat Cafe can be seen in the background.

Next, there is a man driving a car down a hilly road. He pulls up to park along a cobbled side street. Once parked, he smiles at the camera and gets out of the open topped car.

Title - Harrogate Invaded by Projectionists

There is a shot of the cinema, beginning at the top and panning down to the entrance. "And Sudden Death" and a film starring Cora Sue Collins can be seen advertised on the marquee. This is followed by more footage of the exterior of the cinema, examining the building's architecture. The film closes with a shot of the cinema's employees gathered outside for a group picture. They are all dressed in overcoats and smile for the camera. "The Moon's Our Home" starring Henry Fonda is the current film being shown.