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YFA 5146



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This is a film Harrogate College Prizegiving Day in 1955, with the Headteacher giving a speech in front of the assembled parents as the prizes are handed out.

The film begins with a large group of girls who are dressed in a green uniform and cream coloured hats.  The girls are crossing a street and arriving at a coach park.  One of the girls sits with her mother outside the Granby Hotel.  The girls and parents are gathered at a large marquee in a field.  A ticket for the event states that the distribution of prizes is at 2.30, followed by tea and a Mass Drill, for Saturday July 23rd 1955.  The parents are seated, watching in the marquee as the girls make their way up to receive their prizes.  Outside they all mill around and have tea.  They then sit around the edge of the filed to watch the mass drill, and the film comes to an end.