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YFA 310



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This film by Charles Chislett records the events of an open day at his daughter's school, Harrogate College.

Teachers, parents and some pupils are gathered under a marquee, which is pitched on the school field along with other marquees. Inside there is a raised table with speakers. Some are sitting on benches outside. A woman and a boy walk across a field. Dignitaries emerge from the marquee, followed by school children, along with Mr Chislett's wife, Grace, and their two children - Rachel and John. They both wear their school uniforms - Rachel is dressed in a green cotton dress with white collar; and John wears a cap, shorts and blazer.

The guests form a circle, sitting on chairs in the field. This is followed by a display by the pupils - the girls perform a display of exercises and country dancing for the spectators. A teacher, standing on top of the school entrance canopy, directs them with a megaphone. The pupils then return in their gym wear and put on a display of gymnastics, including vaulting. Grace and her son chat with a man. Rachel and a friend run towards the camera.

Rachel is seen talking with a friend in the school yard, wearing her award ceremony gown. Parents and school pupils mix together in the yard of the school, along with a playful dog. Rachel looks through a portable slide viewfinder. Mr Chislett examines the viewfinder with two of Rachel's friends. There is a close up of Rachel and three friends in a line with their arms linking. The family take a stroll around the school grounds. Rachel and John then play a ball game in the grounds with some large water pipes. The film finishes with a man holding up a billboard (this is inverted).