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YFA 4720



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This film, made by amateur filmmaker Fred Brackenbury, is part of the Nowell collection and contains footage of the Great Yorkshire Show in Harrogate in 1954. There is lots of footage of the animal judging competitions and show jumping, as well as the stalls and people who attend the show.

The film opens on a field that is being used as a car park and is full of cars. Some people walk past a large stand and office that has been set up for `Shell and BP Farm Service'.

Title-Good roads and avenues are a feature, with stands and exhibits well displayed.

There are several farm machines on show and men and women walk around looking at them. There is another sign which reads `everything for the Mechanised Farmer, Gough's of Hunsingore-Wetherby'. This is followed by shots of other pieces of farm machinery and a shot of a sign post with numerous signs for the various exhibits at the event. A group of men and women gather together and point at different areas of the exhibition ground; some of them look at the camera.

In another section of the grounds is a `Yorkshire Farmers Stand', a `Yorkshire Federation of Women's Institutes' marquee and an amusement stand with a sign reading `Brown, Muff's of Bradford'. Lots of people sit on deck chairs, walk around or tend to prams which are sheltered under umbrellas.

There is a large stand with signs for `Commer, Hillman, Karrier' and one for `David Brown'.

Title-Most of the country's finest animals compete for the coveted awards.

Spectators stand around an enclosure and watch as farmers in white coats walk large bulls around.

Title-Overseas visitors are welcomed, and conducted round the show ground.

Title-Permanent buildings provide every facility for the well-being of stock and attendants.

Title-All the leading bankers are represented, to receive social or business callers.

Mobile banks have been parked on the grounds and there are shots of `Barclays Bank Limited', `Westminster Bank Limited', `Midland Bank Limited' and `Martin's Bank Limited'.

A large cart horse is being made ready in a stable yard by the groom; the stable boy stands around watching. There are shots of the other stable boxes and a brief shot of a man in a suit at a counter talking to a woman. There are shots of several flowerbeds which are full of colourful flowers.

Title-The President, H.R.H. the Princess Royal presents R.A.SE Long Service Medals.

A man in a suit stands on the steps of a building a reads from a sheet. There are several people surrounding him including a woman with medals around her neck. The Princess Royal shakes the hands of the men and gives them a medal.

Title-H.M. The Queen, and H.R.H. the Duke of Edinburgh, honour the Centenary Show.

The dignitaries are seated in a big stand, and some people mill around in front of it. One person is holding a sign which reads `Ayrshire'.

A large procession of Canadian Mounties rides out onto the field and then waits in formation. The Queen, the Duke and other dignitaries walk across the show ground and out through a door into another area.

Title-Breath-taking banks of colour in the Flower Show are only adequately described by a visit.

There are shots taken of the flower displays and people wandering around inside the marquee.

Title-Another colourful section is the Hound judging ring.

Title-Though not so colourful, the pigs attract many admirers.

Several different types of pigs are herded around an enclosure by farmers in white coats. Some people stand at the side watching.

Title-Entries in the goat classic are representative of the main breeds.

A group of goats are in the enclosure being inspected; their handlers stand beside them while spectators lean on the fence watching.

Title-Classic for all well-known breeds, are to be found in the sheep section.

Farmers walk many different types of sheep around the enclosure while spectators watch from the side.

Title-The main ring, with its modern grandstand, is the ideal setting for viewing the chief events.

Title-The Grand Parade of Cattle.

Title-The Parade of Heavy Horses.

Grooms walk large horses and their foals around the enclosure. Some of the foals jump around a little bit while their mothers walk placidly along beside them; most of them have ribbons plaited into their manes and tails.

Title-The Harness Classic

Title-Each day high class show jumping can be seen, with famous horses and riders competing.

The camera is positioned very near to the side of the ring. There are shots of the huge stands and show jumping grounds. Many horses and riders make their way around the course.

Title-Each year a special attraction is arranged, such as these musical rides.

A marching band stands in the middle of the grounds and plays music. Following this is a large procession of show jumping competitors and mounted Queen's Guards.

Title-Film Produced by Mr and Mrs F. Brackenbury.

Title-Judging rings are well arranged with easy access from the sheds.

There is a sequence of shots of the event grounds taken from a height looking down to where lots of people are wandering around. There are close up shots of some farmers milking their cows.