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YFA 4725



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This film was made by amateur filmmaker Fred Brackenbury and is part of the Nowell collection. This film promotes Harrogate as a town to visit due to the variety of activities and entertainment, as well as the beautiful sights that can be seen there.

Title-Harrogate, Britain's Floral Resort

The film opens with a shot of a street in Harrogate and this is followed by shots of a roundabout which is covered with colourful flowers; cars drive around it and acknowledge a sign which reads `keep left'. There is a shot of a colourful flower basket on a lamp post outside the `Westminster Arms'.

Title-Harrogate offers many delights

There are point of view shots taken from the front of a car as it drives along a main road. There are pedestrians, cyclists, and a roundabout covered in flowers. There is a brief shot of the `Jaeger House' shop which is located beside the `Westminster Arms'.

Title-Wonderful shops.

The camera pans along a street and captures people walking along past shops including `Stokes and Peel Ltd', `Wray's' and `Walkers'. All of the shops have lovely fronts with baskets of flowers and canopies. The point of view shots from the car continue and capture an antiques shop and `Dowling's homemade chocolates' as well as lots of people walking around the town doing their shopping.

Title-Entertainment and Sport.

The scene opens on the front door of a building with `The British Drama League Theatre Week' on a sign above the door. There is a close up of a sign which reads `The Royal Hall Harrogate, Sunday 22nd June 1952 at 6pm. Yorkshire Symphony Orchestra. Leader-Reginald Whitehouse, Conductor- Maurice Miles and Gwen Catley'.

There is a long sequence of shots of many signs and posters advertising theatre, music and entertainment events and venues. They include a sign on the side of a building with `St. James' on it, the Odeon, The White Rose Players Theatre, The Regal, which is showing Happy Go Lovely and starring David Niven and Vera Ellen, a music festival called `Festival of Music, Royal Hall 7th to 12th July 1952, Nightly at 8pm. Sir John Barbirolli and the Hale Orchestra', a ballet concert and roller skating.

A cricket match is underway and then there is a sign for a golf tournament. This is followed by shots of men playing golf and playing tennis.

Crowds of men, women and children attend the Great Yorkshire Show. There are shots of horse and trap racing, show jumping, horses having their manes decorated, cows and sheep on show, hunting hounds and men in soldier's uniforms.

Title-The STRAY. Everybody's playground

There are shots of the trees along the roads, park areas and some children riding ponies in a park.

Title-Beautiful Gardens and Shaded Walks.

There is a sequence of shots of families walking through pretty parks, elderly people sitting in the shade having a rest, lots of flowers, statues in a park, and people sitting on benches.

Title-A popular conference centre.

Title-World Renowned as a Spa

Title-Within easy reach are the Yorkshire Moors.

Some children stand on the Brimham rocks in North Yorkshire and there are views of the surrounding landscape. This is followed by a fast flowing river and some of the surrounding landscape.

Title-BEAUTY AND INTEREST all around.

There are shots of some people walking along beside abbey ruins, large estate houses and then beside the river in Knaresborough; the viaduct and people rowing on the river are visible.

A hand flicks through a booklet advertising hotels in the area.


A hand flicks through a `Guide to Harrogate'.


The hand holds up the two booklets.

Title-from Publicity Department, ROYAL HALL HARROGATE YORKS.

Following this is a shot of the roundabout with lots of flowers and a fountain.

There is a map of England laid out and by using stop motion animation, lots of toy cars and planes move to surround Harrogate on the Map.

Title-The End.