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YFA 4459



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Made by members of the Harrogate Cine Club, this film gives the viewer a guided tour to the town of Harrogate, particularly showing it as a beautiful and exciting place to visit.

Title - A Guide to Britain's Floral Resort - Harrogate
"For health, for pleasure"
"Situated midway between London and Edinburgh it is easily reached by road or rail".

There is a roundabout with flowers in the middle. A keep left sign is visible. People sit on benches surrounded by an abundance of flowers.

The film moves onto the train station, at which people it outside on the wall opposite. This is followed by scenes of the bus station. A bus bound for Leeds (the number thirty six) passes the camera. An advert on the side reads "West Yorkshire Coach". On the train tracks, a train goes by that has "Pullman" painted onto the carriages.

Title - North of England Spring Flower Show, held in the Sun Pavilion

Two women walk around, one points at the garden. They both have hats, black handbags and wear formal attire. Amongst the flowers, there is a bird shaped water feature. People sit on lawn chairs. Some walk past tables with flowers on and browse. One table has a sign at the front marked "Wallace and Barr". The camera continues to look at various types of flowers.

Title - May is tulip time. When thousands are in bloom in the Prospect and Valley gardens.

People walk about around the tulips. There are also children playing, wearing swimming costumes, in a large water feature.

Title - Harrogate is renowned as a shopping centre with its gown salons, jewellery and rare antiques.

The high street is shown, signs including: "J.R. Ogden and Sons" and "Busbys'". In one window dresses are displayed, sleeveless and belted. A shop has the sign: "John Hardy Salon de Coiffures", another: "W.G. Allen and Son".

Title - Harrogate - now known as number one conference centre, as many as one hundred and fifty held in one year".

A sign for the "Commercial Travellers Association".

A procession led by the Mayor makes its way through the town. A woman carries a red wreath. All those in the procession are all dressed very smartly. A sign on a building reads "Building Societies Association Conference". There are lots of people sitting at long tables eating. Waitresses wear black dresses with white aprons. This is followed by more footage of the procession.

Title - Magnificent hotel accommodation is provided for the visitor or conference delegate.

The exteriors of eight hotels are shown, including the Prospect Hotel and the Langham Hotel.

Title - Harrogate is famous as a health resort, with eighty eight different mineral springs and many types of curative baths.

More shots of the town and water feature follow.

Title - The renowned valley gardens. Seventeen acres of sheer beauty, rockeries, children's pool and sun pavilion.

The gardens are very busy; many people are on deck chairs. A group of men and women do a traditional Swedish dance, one woman holding a Swedish flag. Lots of people in similar traditional Swedish clothes sit to eat.

Title - History and beauty all around. Fountains Abbey. Well preserved monastic ruins and ornamental gardens.

There are shots of the abbey.

Title - Brimham Rocks. Weird and wonderful natural rock shapes.

There are shots of the rocks and people climbing and looking at them.

Title - Ripon. A traditional custom, St. Winifred's ride to the minster.

A man on a white horse, wearing a bishop's hat and robes, rides down the street with many people stood watching.

Title - Harrogate's Annual Event
Title - The toy fair. One of the largest in the world, attracting buyers from most countries.

There are many toys on display at the toy fair including cranes, cars, a train on some tracks, dolls and a mechanical bird in a cage.

Title - French week. Visitors from Luchon enjoy this floral town.

There is a poodle. People look at stalls at which there are paintings for sale. A bike race goes through the town and country.

Title - Veteran car rally. Crowds gather to see these old ones' [sic] as the Mayor and Mayoress inspect the entrants.

There is a yellow, open top car with the registration: "CT 174". People look around at the various vehicles.

Title - Autumn glories - throughout the year, Harrogate boasts of its floral beauty.

The camera examines an Autumnal display.

Title - Send for your illustrated guide to the Publicity Manager Information Bureau Harrogate.

A postcard reads: "Harrogate - Britain's Floral Resort".

Title - Film produced by Mr and Mrs F Brackenbury.