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YFA 3713



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Part of the Freeman Collection, this film includes a footage of a couple during their leisure time and travels in Harrogate, Hastings and Skegness.

Title - Harrogate

The colour is faded, but the opening scenes include footage from in and around Harrogate such as buildings and monuments, the town's notable parks and gardens, and street scenes.

Sign - Lansdowne Guest House

A man and woman walk out of the door of the guest house, and there is a shot of a glass building. This is followed by footage of the couple's day at the seaside. There are shots of the beach, and the man and woman sitting on deck chairs. Next, the woman is looking over the railings to the sea, man walking on beach. The woman sleeps in deckchair, and the man plays in the water. The family are on deck chairs, men walking around a pond, shots overlooking sea from building balcony, and the woman walking down steps (light house?), flower beds in front of buildings. The man, dressed in a swimsuit, runs into the sea. An older woman hitches up her skirt and walks in the surf. There more footage of parks and gardens.

Title - East Bourne

At East Bourne, there is footage of the surrounding buildings, sea front, flowers, boats moored on beach, lighthouse and cliffs, and man and woman walking on cliffs.

Title - Pevensey

A couple walk on a hill by castle ruins.

Title - Hastings

There are people playing on field, and a woman sitting on deck chair in the garden. A man walks through the large gardens, stopping occasionally to look at neatly landscaped flowerbeds. More of the park can be seen before a shot of the coastline. A woman climbs down rocks, and crowds watch a boat setting sail from beach. This is followed by footage of the surround buildings, people walking along the beachfront, and gardens.

Title - Skegness

Many of the amusement rides are shown including a rollercoaster, merry-go-round, and rocket ride. The film ends with footage of some of the gardens in Skegness.

Title - The End.