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Made over a number of years, this is a film compilation of films documenting Mayoral Parades and Armistice Day processions in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

Title - Armistice Sunday 1946 The Mayor (Alderman Harold Hesselwood) Takes the Salute.

The film opens with a close up shot of some of the servicemen who will participate in the parade. Some are dressed in uniform while others are in civilian clothes but still wearing their medals. The men begin to line up in formation.

Title - Our Superintendent of Police J.T. Cockcroft

There is a brief shot of the Superintendent. Following this the Armistice Day procession begins. They process through the town, and the procession includes war veterans and members of the British Legion. The parade is led by a brass band who leads them down the streets of Harrogate near the bus station. They are followed by various service men and women as well as Scouts.

Title - Armistice Sunday 1947 The Mayor (Alderman Harold Hesselwood) Accompanying Brig. E.C.J. Woodford., C.B.E. D.S.O. Commanding 150 Inf. BGDE., (OURS)

The Mayor gets into a car, and some of the servicemen can be seen getting ready for the procession. The procession begins down the street, and many of those processing are war veterans. They go past the Station Hotel, and crowds line the streets around the hotel. There is also a brass band included in the parade.

Colour - poor image quality - the Mayor and other dignitaries are set up on a small stage. There is a procession past a statue. The procession turns into town, and a sign can be seen, "Poppy Sellers Urgently Needed."

On a rainy day, there is a procession near Harrogate station. The Mayor gets into his car following the procession.

The Mayor and other dignitaries process by the cathedral and near a cinema. Following this are shots of smartly dressed people exiting a nearby building.

The next procession includes members of the Navy and is led by a brass band. There are also other servicemen and Scouts. They process from the cathedral and through town.

The film closes with images of the motorized floats including one for the National Federation of Master Painters - Harrogate Branch GSTQ.