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YFA 4460



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This film shows people working on the creation of a screening room for the Harrogate Amateur Cine Society.

Title - Harrogate Amateur Cine Society.

This opening title is marked on a three leaf clover.

There is a building which has the sign "Handford Dawson Chemist" on it. A clock on a building further down the street looks to say twenty five to five. The number ten drives past with an advert for Wimsol.

In a dingy looking room full of junk, a group of people box various items. The women wear headscarves or hats. One wears a tabard like dress. They all take boxes downstairs. There is a shot of a chair and a pile of dusty old books and folders, and other items are piled up on the stairs, pushed to one side. Then there is a shot of a window, and one of a bare light bulb hanging from the ceiling. One of a light switch, one of an old fireplace. The walls are very cracked, and a man knocks one of the walls down.

They all stop for a tea break, gathered around a blanket on the floor.

A man plasters a wall whilst women scrub the floor. One man sands down some wood, possibly a door. Another, smoking a pipe, wires up some electrics. They put up wallpaper, paint a door and lay carpet. Then they install cinema seats. There is a portable heater in the room, and finally curtains are put up, and when drawn, reveal a screen.

There is a cardboard cut-out of a woman, with a bubble next to her head saying "Harrogate Amateur Cin? Society Top Floor".

Title - The End.